Thursday, July 8th, 2021

When Chance and Abby’s baby’s born two of my siblings will be grandparents, Traci jokes. Ashley mentions Mariah’s sudden business trip (and Jack will look into it) Traci runs an idea by Billy – a family book club of all their kids’ favorite books/authors. The only one who declines going outside to play with Harrison, Billy asks Kyle for a moment of his time.

When Phyllis calls, Nick admits he’s sad because Summer just left. Hang on, someone’s at the door. It’s Phyllis ~kiss~

Phyllis saw Summer in the lobby – we’re meeting for breakfast. That leaves tonight for some steamy adult time.

Before she left for Italy, Summer asked Billy to be a friend to Kyle. He was surprised by her request too. Beginning to warn him away from Tara, Billy’s shut down. Stay the hell out of his business, Kyle growls as he marches out.

Adam returns to tell Chelsea that Anita called – she fell and broke her hip. She wants you to help her recover. Hopefully, the judge and doctor will allow it. She doesn’t have anybody else, Chelsea frets. Did you concoct this? Adam has to ask.

Still at Society, Nina calls Abby to ask if Mariah’s checked in yet. She will soon – there must be a reasonable explanation, she’s sure.

Nick’s gonna text Noah to say that he’s spending an extra day in Milan. It’s beautiful here – Summer’s gonna be happy right? Phyllis thinks there’s more to the story on why she left Kyle and the city so abruptly.

The Abbott’s all back inside, Tara thanks them for a special day, and for making them feel part of the family.

The outrage on the article was kept to a minimum, Billy’s home to update Lily – Harrison’s a sweet boy – his Mother was very, very sweet. Too sweet – there’s something going on with her. Billy’s suspicious about how Tara made herself at home so quickly. Lily guesses he said something to Kyle and that Kyle told him to butt out. Let it go, she advises.

Yes, Adam did call the hospital to confirm Anita’s condition (which she’d conveniently granted them permission to relay) My Mom didn’t break her hip on purpose, Chelsea protests. Was this your plan B? In case Victor didn’t agree to have you released? Though Adam still has doubts, Chelsea implores him to talk to Victor again; I’ll wear an ankle monitor, take an orderly with me – and Connor.

Next Week: Chelsea! OMG! You scared me half to death, Sharon’s surprised at CL’s …. Vikki and I are making an announcement in the morning, Ashland tells Billy. Something of a personal and business nature… You’re COO of the company, you must have known about this. And yet, you told me nothing, Victor scolds Nikki.

My Thoughts: ‘Finally’ Chelsea’s getting her life back? Finally? She’s only been lounging in a cushy suite at the mental facility for a few weeks. The only consequences to her poisoning a detective are a complete lack of privacy and no access to a hair straightener or fashionable blouses …. The only true thing Tara said today was that she was ‘laying it on a bit thick’. If Traci wants to start a family book club why not make it a project that peels the kids eyes away from tiny screens they’re already addicted to? And since she’s such a lover of books, she could read actual books with her nieces and nephews …. Seeing Nick steam up the screen with Phyllis makes all the other couples look so lame in comparison – and that goes for the couples who are partners off-screen too! … So Chelsea’s able to get her hands on Thallium and a phone to record Dr Hedges, but doesn’t even bother to use it to call her Mother? … It always irks me to hear Jack paint himself as a family’s family man, while he never mentions his son, Keemo.