Monday, July 12th, 2021

Elena invites Imani to join her and Nate – it must be hard having no friends in town; lonely nights. Don’t worry about me (Imani’s making new friends every day) Repeating her compliment that Nate’s tie brings out his eyes, Imani goes to fetch her order. Nate admires the dessert Elena brought out then checks a text on his phone. He won’t tell Elena what it’s about until all the pieces are in place. My place? she invites.

Devon senses that Amanda doesn’t want to believe the worst in her grandfather – you don’t have to go through this alone. Imani comes in to gush about Nate, the eligible bachelor. He’s not exactly eligible, Devon corrects before leaving. Sutton then arrives wanting a word.

Lily thinks that Billy’s questions are fair but that’s not why she opposes running the video. As their phones go off, Billy’s not upset that their competitors scooped them. Lily was right to question the context. Who wants to hurt Ashland? Billy does have a few ideas.

Vikki wants to focus on what they CAN control (and hints at a bright future of globetrotting once their merger’s complete) She’ll join Ashland downstairs for a drink after checking in with her nanny.

With Rey accompanying her, Chelsea tells Victor that he has nothing to worry about. This was Mike’s idea, Rey tells Sharon – and we’ll be driving, not flying. Victor continues to whine until Adam puts his foot down.

Moses joins Nate and Elena at Society to update them that Faith shut him down. Elena offers good advice – don’t give up yet. After Moses leaves, Nate wonders if she was talking about him and Faith or you and me. Both, she replies.

We both know how cunning Chelsea is; she might pull something, Mike’s on the phone with Rey (who’s confident she won’t) But yes, he will keep his eyes open. I have to accept this assignment, Rey tells Sharon that he’ll be back before she can miss him. I already do, she looks out at Chelsea with suspicion.

Back at the ranch, Victor complains to Nikki. Adam’s surprised to overhear Nikki supporting him (even if she insulted him in the process)

Ashland’s not surprised to find Billy at TGP and isn’t impressed to hear that ChanceCom chose not to publish the video (and not because Billy’s hoping to buy Locke’s companies) After Vikki joins them, Billy offers to find out who sent the video. Locke Communication’s resources far exceed ChanceCom’s, Vikki taunts. She looks even more pleased when Ashland says they’ll be making an announcement in the morning; a business and personal matter.

Sutton suggests they be allies – nobody in this room wants Naya to go to prison. What approach do you plan to take in court? What’s your angle? Imani? You must have some idea? We’re not comfortable discussing our strategy with you, Amanda speaks for both of them. Sutton is a powerful man with connections. You don’t want to be the one let me down. No need – we’ve got this, Amanda’s not intimidated. Our dinner’s getting cold, so…. Sutton slams out.

Nikki was defending Connor, not Adam (who appreciates her honesty) After she leaves them to it, Adam won’t let the lines get blurred; this isn’t business, it’s very personal. Victor hopes he doesn’t regret it. Adam hopes so too.

Told that Sharon heard from Mariah, Rey feels better about leaving town. Yes, Chelsea’s ready to go (and grateful to Rey) Getting some distance from Adam will be good for everyone, he gives Sharon a look that makes Chelsea smirk.

Billy’s back at ChanceCom to relay Ashland’s comment to Lily (which Vikki wasn’t expecting – she seemed to think she had more time before it went public) It’s very risky, he’s worried she’s getting in too deep)

At TGP, Ashland tells Vikki that the attornies have signed off on everything – all that’s left to do is announce it to the world, the clinks her glass. Vikki’s eyes are bright with excitement.

Amanda wants to keep it from Sutton as long as possible that their defense strategy is to go after him. My Father’s real killer must pay for what he did. Imani finds it hard to defy her grandfather. Joking that they better have the brakes on their cars checked, Amanda’s confident – Sutton’s never gone up against me.

While Sharon’s looking worried at CL’s, Rey and Chelsea arrive at the ranch. Nikki’s up helping Connor pack. Chelsea reassures Victor and thanks Adam once more. He hopes this time away is everything she wants it to be. Left alone, Victor makes a call – they’re leaving. Don’t let them out of your eyesight.

My Thoughts: Who else has this video? Ashland wonders. Does he not know how the Internet works? Everyone now has it, forever…. It’s ridiculous that ChanceCom’s CEO’s are watching a video on a tiny tablet. Being a big media company, you’d think they’d use some of their ‘resources to install a wall of flat-screens displaying their various online projects. Maybe Lily would be able to see the videos ‘context’ on a bigger screen…. Good Lord – Mike can’t think of anyone better suited to accompany Chelsea than the detective she tried to poison? Why didn’t Victor, the billionaire who can fly in any specialist at the drop of a hat, offer to have Anita transferred to GC Memorial? Will it be a surprise to anyone when Chelsea and Sharon swap partners? …