Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

At the ranch, Adam updates his Father that Rey, Chelsea and Connor made it to Minneapolis last night. Victor’s impressed with the way he’s handling the situation. Hello Adam, Nikki joins them to confess that she’s nervous about how Victor will handle Vikki and Ashland’s announcement today.

Fielding calls in her office, Vikki declares it a ‘madhouse’ when Ashland comes in to comment that the energy in the executive wing is off the charts. Today’s live stream press conference is sure to push that video of him gasping for breath right off the Internet.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack sympathizes with poor Tara – at least Billy wasn’t involved in this ‘media frenzy’. She claims to hate that the humiliating video is online, for everyone to see (including her son one day) Based on that video, Jack thinks the rumours of Ashland’s health may be true.

After dropping the kids off at their swimming lessons, Billy whines about Vikki being too distracted to pack Katie’s swimsuit. Defending Vikki, Lily wonders what’s really bothering him.

When Nikki frets about the possibility of Victor postponing their trip to Italy, Adam thinks it a perfect time to get away. And when in London visiting Noah (with Nick) Victor can follow up on having him do some graphics for them. I DO have my priorities in order, Victor assures Nikki.

Agreeing with Jack that the Abbott family meet ‘n greet with Harrison went well, Tara’s brought to tears at the thought of her son losing his Father. And when Jack excuses himself to take a call, she’s left to tell Kyle that Harrison will grow up with excellent role models (in him and Jack)

Not wanting to make a big deal out of his frustrating morning, Billy denies Lily’s suggestion that Vikki and Locke’s announcement has him on edge. And if they announce their wedding? ‘Absurd’? Lily doesn’t think so; Ashland’s ‘very handsome’ and powerful. He’s ruthless, just like her Father – Locke’s not her type, Billy goes upstairs to get ready for work. That leaves Lily to prop up her tablet (set to ‘the event will start shortly’)

In her office, Vikki has the video and audio ready to go. Before they begin, she expresses her appreciation for Ashland entrusting her with his life’s work. It’s an honour. It’s no fluke or a gift – you’ve earned this, don’t let anyone tell you differently, he asks if she’s ready. Yes, let’s do it, she beams.

Lily calls Billy down to watch the livestream. After Vikki welcomes viewers, Ashland explains that his media company went to another bidder but he and Vikki have similar ‘business philosophies’. While the Newmans watch at the ranch, Sally’s tuning in at CL’s. Jack, Kyle and Tara are watching at home.

All are watching intently as Vikki announces a merger that will make all their competitors envious. At the condo, Billy scowls – I told you (so) Lily admits that his instincts were right – Vikki didn’t just go after a seat on the board, she got the whole company. She’s not happy when Billy declares his ex a ‘titan’.

Jack reads between the lines – Victor, chairman of Newman’s board, didn’t know about this merger. When Kyle wonders how Vikki managed this without board approval, Jack assumes she exploited a loophole Victor created when he was CEO.

Well then… Nikki suddenly decides she better get to work. Not so fast, Victor wags his finger. As COO, you knew about this but said nothing.

As NE’s COO, Nikki couldn’t say anything to Victor, even if he is NE’s founder and chairman. Adam removes an earbud – but wait, there’s more.