Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

All are spellbound as the live stream continues. Ashland admits that the rumours of him being in ill-health are true. My poor grandson, Jack exclaims.

When Ashland asks the media to respect his privacy during this difficult time, Lily’s aghast – she wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Ashland goes on to say he’s removing himself from day to day operations; Vikki will be the CEO of the merged company and he’s grateful that his legacy will be in good hands.

‘Wow’, Jack closes his laptop and expresses outrage at whoever’s responsible for the video. Meanwhile, still at CL’s, Sally wonders how the hell her deleted video turned up online.

After Adam asks Nikki to relay his congratulations to Vikki, he’s left to guess that Victor’s silence indicates that doesn’t go for him.

After Adam excuses himself to talk to Connor, Nikki assures Victor that Vikki accomplishing one of the top mergers of the decade doesn’t diminish him as NE’s founder. She’s astonished that he regrets leaving a bylaw in place that allowed her to bypass board approval. Victor won’t forget this betrayal. Call her to say you’re proud of her, Nikki implores him to mend the relationship.

Billy doesn’t agree with Lily that Vikki was ‘smart’ – and he doesn’t see the chemistry/mutual trust she shares with Ashland. He also doesn’t look impressed when Lily that Jill’s not giving enough work to keep him busy – or that Billy just likes going toe to toe with the Newmans.

Jack puts his phone away to join Sally on the CL’s patio to ask if she saw anyone recording Ashland and Tara at the park; she’s very upset about it. Sally doesn’t blame her – it’s disgusting. Jack couldn’t agree more.

Ashland wants to focus on the positive things in his life and meant all those nice things he said about Vikki (who deserves all the respect and credit) Instead of him trying to escape the press by himself, Vikki invites him to come with her.

Vikki’s not inviting Ashland out for lunch, she’s inviting him to stay at her place. She wants to wake up with him in the morning. I might be falling for you. My condition’s going to deteriorate; he doesn’t want Vikki or her kids to see that. I have to go back to NY.

Tara tells Kyle that she’s glad they don’t have to keep Ashland’s secret. Hopefully, Vikki will respect his wishes when it comes to Harrison. He’s revising his will, she reminds. Knowing Vikki as he does, Kyle’s sure she wouldn’t disinherit a child. Besides, the Abbott’s can provide for Harrison. Receiving a text, Tara has to get to a meeting (a distraction Kyle thinks is a good idea)

After Adam comes back to relay Connor’s greetings, Victor asks what’s wrong with his boy. You forgave Billy, then Chelsea and now you’re shrugging off your sister beating you in a major business deal. Have you lost your killer instinct???

Joining Jack on the patio, Billy’s impressed with Vikki’s coup and is happy she’s sticking it to her Father. But, seeing the way she looked at Ashland worries him. Jack wouldn’t begrudge the man some happiness and sees nothing wrong with Vikki wanting to comfort Ashland if he’s dying. Suddenly having somewhere to be, Billy bolts.

Adam thinks Vikki bit off more than she can chew (and will realize that in six months time when she’s running the company alone because of Ashland’s health) He assures Victor that his focus is taking advantage of any opportunity that comes his way.

Ashland doesn’t want to drag Vikki down with him. I know what I’m doing and I get what I want – resistance is futile, she quips. Pledging to enjoy whatever time they have, Vikki hopes he’ll stay with her. God forgive me, Ashland sighs – I will.

Wondering why she’s been summoned to the park, Tara tells Sally to relax – no one knows you took the video. YOU relax – Sally guesses correctly that Tara leaked the video and worries they’ll be ID’d. OK, we’ll pretend it didn’t happen, she marches off. Billy watches in the background.

My Thoughts: Just how long are Johnny and Katie’s swimming lessons? He’s had time to whine to Lily at home, then to Jack at CL’s and finally loitering at the park to witness Tara and Sally’s encounter. The kids will be waterlogged, wrinkly prunes…. With all the money Vikki and Ashland have, they couldn’t hire a professional video and sound person to set up the equipment? … And, speaking of wealthy folks not being willing to spend money, why do Lily and Billy live in such a small condo? Billy barely had enough room to open the front door before walking into Lily’s chair …. It’s easy to forget that Nikki’s NE’s COO – she’s certainly not there enough to oversee day to day operations. Then again, I couldn’t figure out how Nikki was qualified to run NE’s real estate division (never mind why a cosmetics company even has a real estate division) …. Why on earth would Victor still need to meet with Noah regarding graphics? They’ve already got a logo; which is displayed behind Adam’s desk. Newman Media has been operating for weeks – and just now they’re working on their logo? … Let’s hope that Lily sympathizing with Ashland’s cancer battle and thinking him ‘very handsome’ doesn’t lead to yet another chemistry-free pairing… Really Ashland? Years, of striking fear into your wife and business rivals and shacking up with Vikki is the thing you want God to forgive you for? Yes, Victor did indeed ask Adam if he’d lost his ‘killer instinct’ – which is indeed a pretty tone-deaf choice of words to use given Adam’s killed at least two people.