Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

‘This Newman-Locke merger’s going to be huge’, Devon quickly realizes that Amanda doesn’t care. Focused on her laptop, she’s frustrated that Sutton seems to have scrubbed a lot of his profile off the Internet. She’ll keep digging until she finds the dirt she needs.

Billy chats Tara up at the park. ChanceCom won’t exploit Ashland’s sickness. Appreciating that, Tara has to get back to her son. About to call Lily, Billy changes his mind and exits.

At CL’s, Tessa has a bad feeling about Mariah’s vague texts. She hasn’t been gone long, Sharon reassures.

At the estate, Abby receives a message from Jack (who has info on Mariah)

Tessa puts Abby on speakerphone so she can relay that Mariah texted Jack – her meeting’s over and she’s taking a few days off (but provided no location)

At TGP, the hostess with the mostest, Phyllis, makes a point of telling Billy that she just got back from a trip to Italy to see Nick (yeah, and Summer) She’s been up for 24 hours. Billy needs some information – how well do you know Tara Locke?

Devon’s sure nothing will stop Amanda from finding out the truth. Getting a text from Abby, he needs to go see her. Both hope she’s OK as Amanda walks him out.

Sharon gets the sense that Mariah feels her every move’s being watched. Tessa shouldn’t blame herself. Near tears, she sends a loving text message to Mariah (whose Mom now looks mildly worried, or maybe annoyed)

No, Billy doesn’t have a ‘secret baby’ with Tara too – but Phyllis’ complete lack of trust is exactly what he needs right now. Billy wants to know what makes Tara tick. Intrigued, Phyllis sits.

Knowing an intense conversation when she sees one, Amanda tells Devon that she doesn’t want to go say Hello to Billy – but she now has an idea on how to get dirt on Sutton.

Telling her Mom that therapy went well, Faith pours two glasses of lemonade and quickly declines her Mom’s advice on what to say to Moses when he arrives and hustles him out to the patio even more quickly. Sharon’s pleasantly surprised when Ben comes along. What have you been up to? she asks.`

Devon’s now with Abby at the house – but it’s Chance she wishes was there right now (to calm her fears about Mariah)

Phyllis and Billy agree that Tara’s TOO nice and that no one else sees it; not even Ashland. Harrison’s a sweet kid, but Billy thinks Phyllis might be on to something. He’d also like to know what Sally has to do with it. Why would you mention her? Phyllis is baffled.

Amanda drops by ChanceCom to ask Lily for a favour – a big one.

Amanda asks Lily to do a deep dive into Sutton Ames. No, she’s not representing him – she’s representing her Mother. Yes, by implicating her grandfather in her Father’s murder. She didn’t ask Billy because she didn’t want to interrupt the intense conversation he was having with Phyllis. Lily’s unimpressed.