Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

Amanda tells Imani that she’s been thinking about starting up her own law firm but now suggests that Sinclair and Benedict has a ring to it. We can be partners. She’s so happy to have found Imani (who cringes at how they started out) We’ve become allies, friends – now you feel like my sister, Amanda tears up. Imani will think it over.

Tessa would hope that Mariah would reach out to her if she was in trouble. But she’s so independent, Abby reminds. Hearing that Mariah won’t take Tessa’s calls, Ben’s offer to try tracking her phone is accepted by her and Tessa. Nina’s not sure it’s a good idea – if Mariah wants space, she might resent it.

The consensus is that they’ll hold off on attempting to track Mariah’s cell phone until she calls again. When Ben announces that he’s heading back to Iowa, to pack – he’ll be moving back to GC, Abby’s ‘thrilled’. It’s best for Max that he’s not uprooted. Offering to help find Ben a place, Abby’s nudged by Nina to go check out a few he has in mind. You need the distraction. Tessa doesn’t seem to be 100% on the Ben wagon.

Back on the patio, an excited Faith babbles – what are the odds that your brother would walk in with … wait – you set the whole thing up! A humble Moses shrugs.

Devon joins Amanda and Imani to ask how Mike responded to the recording. Exactly as they hoped. As soon as Naya recants her confession, he can push to investigate Sutton. Both hope to hear from Naya soon. Or Sutton – he’s likely plotting a way to save himself. Agreeing with Devon that he’ll fight dirty, Amanda will be ready when he retaliates.

In the park, Abby wholeheartedly approves of the place Ben chose to move into. Since his favourite Thai place is closed, she hopes he’ll dine at Society a lot. Ben appreciates her help today. She appreciates the distraction and feeling ‘normal’ for a bit.

Back at the estate, Tessa’s reviewing text messages that don’t sound like Mariah. We should have taken Ben up on his offer to track her. Leaving the decision to Tessa, Nina will be upstairs if she needs anything.

Faith can’t believe Moses went to all this trouble. Aw shucks, no big deal, he downplays it.

Devon’s suggestion that they skip dinner in favour of taking food back to his place is accepted by Amanda and Imani. Do I know how to clear a room or what? Nate arrives to say he won’t take it personally. When Nate excuses himself to take a call, Imani decides to stay at Society. Scolded by Amanda (who reminds that he’s dating Elena) she sees no harm in flirting – and wastes no time joining Nate at the bar (hoping to discuss Amanda)

Needing to get going, Ben offers to drive Abby home. No need – she’ll hang around the park for a bit then get a ‘ride share’. You’re coming back to GC in a few days, right? Yes, he’ll be back soon and Abby will be the first to know when.

Tessa sends Mariah a text – if something’s wrong and you can’t say what, send a clue.

Watching Imani with Nate at the bar, Amanda supposes she should give her sister credit for being bold. Devon’s confident that Nate wouldn’t risk what he has with Elena (but doesn’t seem as confident as he eyes the pair at the bar)

Imani runs the idea of partnering with Amanda by Nate – what do you think it’d be like being her partner? Nate sings Amanda’s praises. It’d be a stellar opportunity. You make locating here very appealing, Imani excuses herself to take a call from Naya. Handing the phone to Amanda, she won’t reveal where she is. You need to come back to GC now, Amanda orders.