Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

At CL’s, Billy gives Sharon a list of reasons why he’s in such a good mood (concluding with Victor being out of town) It doesn’t get better than that. Oopsie daisy – why does Sharon let riff-raff like Adam hang out her fine establishment? No, Billy doesn’t feel he misjudged Adam and is surprised that a ‘mental health professional’ such as Sharon does.

Vikki’s surprised when Ashland comes down early in his PJ’s to say that he has to go settle his affairs in NY. Vikki completely understands that he’d want to go back and say goodbye to the life he lived there.

Since poor Johnny’s stomach still hurts, Lily says he can stay home. I’ll call Hannah. Will you stay home with me? he pleads.

Nice running into YOU again, Imani stops by Nate and Elena’s breakfast table at Society to say how lucky she is to see his handsome face – again. Elena all but rolls her eyes.

At the penthouse, Amanda shares good news with Devon – Imani managed to talk Naya into coming back to GC to recant her confession.

Nate was so sweet last night – he really helped me with a dilemma, Imani chirps at Elena. Oh yes – Amanda’s partnership offer, Elena knows all about it. She too turned to Nate about a job offer. Hoping he’d ask her to stay in GC, that’s exactly what Nate did. He made it clear he wanted me by his side. Sweet story, Imani marches to the bar to place her order.

Ashland invites the ‘gutsy’ Vikki to come to NY to meet her new executive team – then to see all his favourite places. There’s no one else he’d rather have by his side. She’d love to go.

Sharon’s not in denial; she sees a change in Adam – as she does Billy. Why are your mistakes forgivable and his aren’t? Adam saved Faith twice. Yeah, you see the man who saved your daughter twice – I see the man who took mine, forever. Billy’s glad at least to see that Adam’s alone (on the patio) Hopefully one day Sharon will steer clear of that snake.

At the penthouse, Amanda updates that Imani’s gotten through to our Mother (though the recording probably won’t be enough to convince her that Sutton’s guilty) Devon has to give Imani credit for breaking free (and Amanda for emboldening her) Moses comes down to thank Devon for introducing Faith to Tiger Lily. Devon’s glad he’s finally appreciated as the coolest brother ever.

Billy strolls onto the patio to taunt Adam for being all alone while Connor’s safe with Chelsea (despite just being released from a mental facility) Adam shouldn’t be trying to worm his way back into Sharon’s life – she’s happy with a good man who adores her. If you gave a damn about her you’d leave her alone. Adam knows Billy can’t acknowledge that he’s changed – because, then how will he justify his hatred and obsession?

Moses will never forget the look on Faith’s face yesterday. Devon then detects that Moses is conflicted about pursuing a career in medicine (as he’s now interested in the music industry)

Playing cards, Johnny asks Lily about Ashland’s illness – will he ever get better? Lily hopes so – you can always talk to your Mom and Dad – and me too. Johnny hopes Lily and his Dad always stay together.

Always good to see you Nate, Imani purrs as she all but ignores Elena as she boasts that she was able to convince her Mother to come back to recant her confession. When you get to know me better you’ll see I can be very persuasive. Getting a text from Amanda, Imani leaves to meet her at the courthouse. Yeah, she’s a little flirtatious, Nate concedes to Elena.

Giving Adam a refill, Sharon sits to gripe about people thinking her gullible. As if to prove her point, Adam manages to deny trying to lure her in, while subtly luring her in. Rey doesn’t even have a dark side so you’re over your bad boy phase, he quips. Yup – all I ever wanted was a guy in a white hat, Sharon runs inside, annoyed by her lie.