Friday, July 23rd, 2021

At Vikki’s, Ashland downplays his minor panic attack; blames on his marriage ending, Harrison’s paternity – he the loss of his dream of teaching him to run his legacy. Vikki’s the one bright spot. Vikki believes there’s a way to stop these attacks.

At TGP, Billy’s meeting is canceled and Lily’s out of town visiting Mattie – so, he has time to conspire with Phyllis. Sally and Tara are 1000% working together, she confirms his hunch.

Kyle suggests taking Harrison to a kids’ pool party at TGP. Phylis doesn’t like me – and Tara didn’t like the way she joined their table uninvited yesterday. I feel like she thinks I’m responsible for Summer taking the job in Italy. Well, you are responsible, Kyle says bluntly.

Sharon’s making a mess at CL’s when Moses and Faith enter talking about Tiger Lily. Maybe Adam will be back from Minnesota by then, Sharon comments – I mean Rey – I have too much on my mind. Can you take over for a bit? I won’t be long, she tells Faith. Where are you going? Errands, she runs out.

Adam’s at the office videochatting with Chelsea. Thanks for letting Connor come – I’ll forever be grateful, she gushes. Her mood sours when he says it’s time to talk about bringing Connor home.

You want Connor home already? We just got here, Chelsea sputters. Adam wants him back before lacrosse starts. How will he get home? With Rey – he’s coming back to GC soon. Told she can spend as much time as she wants with Connor, in GC. Chelsea concedes.

The signs were all there, Kyle just didn’t want to see them. Summer broke his heart – but she did what she had to do. It’s not your fault, he assures Tara. The way summer left was honest. It’s his responsibility to make sure everyone’s OK. He decides to have Sharon come over. She’s a thera[ist who’s worked with kids, so might have ideas on how to tell Harrison. You’re the best Father, Tara’s amazed.

Vikki wants Ashland to take treatment for his cancer. You’re feeling out of control, she figures. Ashland doesn’t want to repeat the same conversation day after day. I don’t want treatment. Vikki can’t let it go. This thing between us is getting deeper – she wants it to last as long as possible. You’re a control freak – in the best possible way. Don’t let this disease define you, she implores.

Chloe Mitchell reports for duty (for a job she never could predict taking) After checking Adam’s office for booby traps she’s alarmed to hear that he’s bringing Connor home. Let’s stick to business – Adam’s giving Chloe free reign to hire her own team (which will include Chelsea) Chloe suspects this is all an act.

At CL’s, Moses can’t drink any more of Faith’s experimental coffees. He’s about to say that medicine might not be his future but is cut off by Faith when Nate arrives. Ask yourself what you want – and what you’d be giving up if you don’t go into medicine, he advises. Faith chimes in to say that Moses should choose the path he wants.

Sally and Tara teamed up to drive Summer out of town, Phyllis is sure. Kyle and Jack are too in love with Harrison to be mad that Tara kept him a secret. She and Sally are in this together for sure. Billy agrees that Tara hooking up with her son’s Father checks a lot of boxes. Summer even recommended Sally replace her at JVC – Phyllis plans to expose their plan and bring Summer home. Are you sure she wants to come home? Billy has to ask.

Get out of my office, Adam yanks the door open. Chloe’s not going anywhere – Mike said her contract’s legit. Adam’s not really mad – just giving Chloe the reaction she was hoping for. Here’s the key for your office. Bring Chelsea in on the project when the time is right. He hopes to win Chloe over. Don’t hold your breath, she leaves him looking amused.