Monday, July 26th, 2021

At TGP, Kyle blasts Phyllis for playing head games with Tara. You’ve already got ME as your scapegoat for Summer leaving town, so leave Tara alone! She’s taking advantage of your generosity and love for your son AND Tara drove my daughter out of town! Phyllis shrieks.

Back in a hotel suite after a tour of Marchetti, Summer tells her grandparents that Leslie Brooks will be wearing one of their designs for the performance Victor and Nikki are in Italy to attend. Victor wonders if Summer’s had any second thoughts about leaving GC.

At Society, Sally enjoys spending time with Jack – but Kyle made it clear that he disapproves. Feeling connected to Jack again, Sally wonders where they go from here.

At the Abbott mansion, Tara relays Sharon’s advice that they be open and honest – death is part of life. We need to keep reminding Harrison that we all love him. That sounds fine but Ashland wants to talk to Harrison alone. The therapist thinks we should tell him together, Tara persists – it’s best for Harrison. Ashland knows Tara only wants what’s best for herself.

Billy’s at Vikki’s – he saw her talking to Nate and assumed she was asking about Ashland. Vikki knows he was also picking Nate’s brain about an anonymous friend. She doubts Billy’s concerned about Ashland. Well, he IS concerned about Vikki.

Jack definitely feels a connection with Sally – you’re easy on the eyes, intelligent, a fighter (even if it’s sometimes to your detriment) He’s willing to give things another shot. Sally’s worth it. She’s used to being on the defensive, it’s exhausting. Her goal is to earn Jack’s trust. He’ll arrange another date and give her a call.

No, Phyllis has no proof but when she does, Kyle will be the first she’ll go to. I know my daughter better than anyone – she was FORCED to leave town. Summer told me to stop looking into this (but Phyllis can’t)

Of course Summer misses her family – and Kyle – but she wasn’t ready to be a stepmom and deal with Kyle’s ex. She’s at peace with everything. Victor and Nikki are glad to hear it. After Victor steps out to answer a call, Nikki asks Summer if this is really the life she wants.

Back at TGP, Kyle doesn’t believe Tara forced Summer to leave. Look back at your conversations with Summer – moving your son and ex into your house while you were planning a wedding, Phyllis persists. Kyle’s looked for clues – he even blamed Sally. You’re spot on with that – Sally and Tara both benefited by Summer leaving. Phyllis knows that’s not a coincidence – they’re in this together.

Ashland needs to find a way to prepare Harrison for life without him. YOU leaked my health to the media, he accuses Tara. I have months with that sweet boy if I’m lucky. You make everything about you. If you were putting our son first you wouldn’t have filed for sole custody. Yes, Ashland’s prognosis has changed him – YOU (Tara) haven’t changed at all – just traded one comfortable life for another. He hopes someone exposes her for the fraud she truly is.

Billy talked to Nate before he knew how close Vikki and Ashland had become. It took his breath away when he realized Vikki’s in love with Ashland and is sorry she won’t have much time with him. As her ex, the Father of her children and a friend, Billy offers support and discretion. In tears, Vikki admits she does love Ashland.

Ashland’s a proud man, fearless, determined. Vikki’s not sure merging their companies was the right thing to do. Is there nothing the doctors can do? Billy asks. Ash won’t spend his final days being pumped with drugs. It’s reprehensible that Tara would seek sole custody – she’s acting out of spite for being cut out of the will. Vikki can’t let Ashland know how much pain his death will cause her.

Sally and Tara are a lot closer than you think, Phyllis is sure. Kyle claims he’s the reason Tara didn’t move back to NY. Stop spreading gossip about her and Sally. OK, on one condition – don’t let your love for Harrison make you blind to what Tara’s doing – don’t accept everything she says as truth. Kyle’s heard enough – bottom line – Summer left ME. It was her choice.