Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

At the house, Kyle tells Jack that Tara’s on her way home. He’s sure there’s a simple explanation.

Sally confronts Phyllis at the hotel. You think I did something to Summer!? She’s having the time of her life in Italy; you should be thanking me. When Phyllis goes on about Tara rushing over after reading the text, Sally realizes that there’s cameras in the elevator. Tara then comes over to announce that she needs to get home – leave me out of your drama. Phyllis is left to grin smugly at Sally – you’ve just been thrown under the bus.

No, Devon certainly doesn’t mind coming home to find Amanda there (let in by Moses on his way out) You should get a key cut. He’ll go upstairs to change before taking Amanda out to dinner to celebrate Sutton finally having to pay for his crimes. Amanda wants to forget about all that for the night.

At Vikki’s, both she and Ashland are packed and ready to go to New York. He’s made an appointment with a specialist to discuss treatment options but Vikki shouldn’t get her hopes up. Whatever happens, she vows to be with him every step of the way.

Devon comes downstairs looking so damn fine that Amanda opts for going upstairs instead of out to dinner.

Asked if he plans to talk to Harrison before they leave, Ashland doesn’t want to deal with Tara or stress Harrison out. As a Mom, Vikki understands why Tara would want to sit in when he talks to Harrison. He should hear this news from both his parents.

Coming home to a barrage of questions from Jack and Kyle, Tara glosses over the ‘odd’ text to shift the conversation to Phyllis spying on her? She went to ask Sally about the text and learned it was from Phyllis. What did the text say? Kyle shows Tara the video – why were you so upset at Sally?

Tara explains that she showed Sally the text on her phone – she then showed her phone to prove she didn’t send it. When Tara whines about all the stress in here life, Jack acknowledges that Phyllis can be ‘persistent’. Tara’s changed her mind and now wants Jack to get Phyllis to leave her alone. And when she hints about being run out of town, Jack can’t leave quick enough to go take care of this.

Vikki suggests Ashland use his negotiating skills to reach a compromise with Tara. Yet again impressed with Vikki, Ashland wishes he met her years ago. He’s sure he’d have fallen head over heels. Both agree to take full advantage of every moment they have together.

Back downstairs, a bare-chested Devon admires his shirt (now on Amanda) She wonders what her life would have been like if she and Hilary were raised by Richard. She doubts Naya would have played a role – she’ll never stand up to her Father.

Tara’s relieved that Harrison’s oblivious and happily playing with his toys. She can relate to Phyllis being overprotective of Summer – as she’d do anything to protect her son. What now? she frowns at the sight of Ashland at the front door.

At TGP, Jack has a bone to pick with Phyllis. Blasted for stealing Sally’s phone to send a ‘fake text’ to Tara, Phyllis wonders why Jack isn’t interrogating THEM. And why did poor, innocent Tara run over to fight with Sally about the text? You believe them but don’t give ME the benefit of the doubt! They ran my daughter out of town! Go talk to Sally! Phyllis is left shaking and near tears of anger.

Informing that he and Vikki are going to NY to work on the merger, Ashland would like to speak to Tara in private. Making a point that he has his phone with him, Kyle leaves. Ashland has no objection to Tara being present when he talks to Harrison. Pleased to hear that he’s seeking treatment and will ‘fight this’, Tara goes up to get Harrison.