Thursday, July 29th, 2021

Amanda’s at TGP to catch up with her friend Phyllis; who’s just noticed that she’s glowing. Before Amanda can explain why, Sally marches over to warn Phyllis that she’s crossed her one too many times.

Watched the show on my phone. Typed out spoiler on my phone. Excuse typos.

Kyle! Tara’s surprised he’s home. Yes, he was here when she was on the phone with Sally. Tara cleverly deflects – telling Harrison about Ashland’s illness was SO hard.

Chloe bursts into Adam’s office with a long list of complaints about her office. Order whatever you need, Adam shocks her into silence. Alerted that Connor’s home, he sprints out.

Sharon’s thrilled to see Rey and Connor at CL’s. Your Dad can’t wait to see you, he talks about you all the time. Oops, Rey now knows Sharon and Adam have been in touch.

Connor out of earshot, Rey quizzes Sharon. Adam talked about missing his son when he came in for coffee. As Sharon asks Rey for a kiss, Adam arrives.

Hearing that Ashland plans to seek treatment, both Tara and Kyle hope he’s around for Harrison’s sake. Asked again about the call with Sally, Tara hopes Phyllis hasn’t gotten to him. Do you still trust me?

Not intimidated by Sally’s bluster, Phyllis agrees – I am vicious. You can end this right now – what did you and Tara do to get Summer to leave? Things will get much worse for you, she warns.

As Sharon and Rey watch, Adam tells Connor that he can’t see his grandparents because they’re in Europe. I was lonely here on my own, Adam speaks to Connor but looks at Sharon (who looks guilty)

Reassured that Kyle doesn’t regret inviting her and Harrison to stay, Tara whines that Phyllis thinks she’s a gold digger. Kyle has no doubts about Tara but Sally’s manipulative. He thinks Tara might want to start dating – she should get on with her life.

Phyllis won’t stop until she finds out the truth. After Sally marches off, Phyllis admits to Amanda that she has no proof. But when those little girls make a mistake, I’ll be right there.

Adam thanks Rey for bringing Connor home. They chat about how well Chelsea’s doing and what a great kid Connor is. Not noticing how sad Sharon is when Adam leaves, or that she’s babbling about food, Rey’s just happy to be home with her.