Tuesday, July 27th, 2021

Having struck out the ‘erroneous’ charges on her hotel bill, Sally hands the leger back to Phyllis. Everything straightened out, Phyllis smiles – You’ll only be paying for what you’re responsible for, I promise you that.

Tara tells Kyle that Ashland’s a ticking time bomb. We can’t wait for him to be reasonable – I should tell Harrison, with you by my side. Tara wants to be proactive. Kyle thinks Sharon’s professional opinion makes sense. Tara’s grateful for his objectivity. Hopefully, Ashland will cool off so she can talk to him again. You still seem anxious, Kyle observes – is something else bothering you?

Nate’s bare-chested in the park when Elena comes along. Sending her off to get ready, he jogs off to do the same. Then, Elena will find out what he’s been so secretive about.

At CL’s, Abby thanks Devon for being a great friend. She’s even more worried about Mariah. Both thought she’d be back by now. Hopefully, she comes home soon and is in a good place.

Mariah awakens with a start to rub her belly – good morning kiddo. She’s in a dimly lit room best described as cozy.

At Society, Lauren has no problem with Jack giving Sally a second chance. She’s happy she did. Sally’s doing so well Lauren wants her to permanently run JVC. She notices he’s wearing the Teardrop of Love cufflinks – a symbol of love. Jack thinks it ‘hope’ – and Lauren made it all possible by getting the necklace for him.

All the charges have been deleted from your account, it won’t happen again – how about a free day at the spa? Phyllis offers. That’s nice of you – too nice, Sally’s suspicious. She also declines a session with the hot personal trainer (out of respect for Jack)

Tara whines about all the upheaval in her life – Ashland finding out about the affair – Harrison’s paternity – the divorce – now Ashland dying. Poor Harrison. As Kyle sends a call to voicemail, Tara’s needs to go out for a bit – Harrison will be home for a playdate soon. Yes, Kyle will watch him.

Abby will stop the nagging Mariah. She was going to track her cell phone but that’s an invasion of her privacy. Devon’s sure everything will be just fine. No, he doesn’t feel pressured by Abby. She really thought Chance would be home by now. Devon lists all the people in her corner. You’re not alone in this.

At the estate, Tessa slams her laptop shut. What were you looking at? Nina asks. Tessa downloaded the app Stitch told them about that can track Mariah’s cell phone. Mariah’s your partner – do what feels right, Nina won’t discourage her.

Mariah forces herself to breathe deeply – this is all very normal. Stay relaxed – Not agitated. Not claustrophobic. I’ll try again – she bangs on the door. Hey! As much fun as this stay has been, this baby and I want to get out of here – please!? We’re prisoners, she tells her belly.