Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Kyle comes downstairs to tell Jack that he didn’t sleep much last night – thinking about the possibility that Tara and Sally conspired against Summer. But, if Kyle confronts her, Tara could take off with Harrison. Jack feels the same way about Harrison, but what if Phyllis can prove Tara forced Summer out of town – could you forgive her?

Sally’s talking to ‘Grams’ on her phone at CL’s – Phyllis could ruin everything for me.

On a rooftop in LA, Phyllis, Angelina and Eric Forrester exchange compliments. Phyllis thanks Angelina for giving Summer the job. Angelina’s so glad Eric recommended Summer to her (as favour for Sally) Phyllis would love to hear more about that conversation.

In a New York City condo, Ashland does indeed feel like a weight’s been lifted off his shoulders. He feels optimistic after hearing about this new chemo cocktail. It’s no miracle cure but Ashland’s happy to have more time with Vikki.

At the ranch, Nikki thanks Victor for her birthday trip – it was nice seeing Leslie perform, and visiting Summer and Noah. Her smile fades when Adam arrives to say that he and his Father have much to discuss.

Ashland plans to treat Vikki to take out from a ‘hole in the wall’ that he touts as the culinary equivalent of great sex. Vikki loves this fun, easy-going side of him. See what you’ve done to me? Ashland feels blessed. And it’s all thanks to Tara revealing her true self.

** I wasn’t able to watch and upload Friday’s spoiler but will get to it as soon as possible **

Kyle doesn’t think he could forgive Tara for knowingly driving Summer away. But why would she do that? We welcomed her and Harrison into our home. What could she gain? Jack can only think of one thing – you.

After Angelina excuses herself to take a call, Phyllis continues to question Eric. He was surprised when Sally asked him for a favour (given what happened between her and his family) But, that’s all water under the bridge, Eric’s happy that Sally’s doing well in GC. Yes, Phyllis is happy about Summer’s new job – but why did Sally come to you? Eric explains that Sally wanted Eric to recommend her good friend Summer to Angelina – she wanted her name kept out of it; didn’t want any credit. Eric wonders why Phyllis is in LA digging up information – what’s Sally done now?

‘A complicated series of events’ lead Phyllis to believe that Sally and Ashland Locke’s ex conspired to get Summer to leave GC (which benefits them both) Eric wouldn’t have gone along with it had he known Sally was up to her old tricks. She took advantage of my goodwill – Eric wanted to believe she’d changed.

Kyle has to admit that Tara seems interested in picking up where they left off in the Hamptons. Jack wants Kyle to be honest – do you have feelings for Tara? NO. Kyle moved on from his mistake. Jack must follow the logic, wherever it may lead – it’s possible Tara’s using Harrison as leverage.

After watching the classic movie, Roman Holiday, Ashland and Vikki decide they’re on their own little romantic holiday. He could get used to lounging around like this. No, we’re too driven – we have a passion for achievement, Vikki objects. Ashland wants to hear how they’ll conquer the world.