Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Nikki’s sure Adam’s had enough of pretending to be interested in details of their trip. After she excuses herself, Victor asks about the launch of Newman Media. The PR dept. is full steam ahead. Adam also wants to discuss the NE-Locke merger (and how to make it work for us)

Laying out all the facts, Jack’s skeptical that Summer gave up – she’s tougher than that; she loved you enough to include Tara and Harrison in your lives. That’s just it, Kyle says – the last words Summer said to him were ‘I don’t love you’.

When Angelina returns, Phyllis takes a selfie with her and Eric. Receiving it (at CL’s) Sally’s horrified. Lauren appears to praise Sally’s work. The trial is over, your position is permanent. Thrilled with the news, Sally once again looks terrified by the selfie.

Jack thinks that Summer said the only thing she could do to stop Tara from taking Harrison away from Kyle. We’ll talk some more, he hurries out to take a conference call. Tara comes in as Kyle leaves a message for Summer – things have taken a strange turn here at home. Call me back. I love and miss you like crazy. Tara slinks out unseen and unhappy.

Back in NY, Vikki talks about a romantic trip to Saint Tropez. Late dinners under the stars. Falling asleep in each other arms, Ashland adds – then jetting around the country expanding our portfolio. It’s all so promising. Vikki excuses herself to take a call from her Mom. Now alone, Ashland winces in pain.

Between Ashland’s health crisis and Vikki’s blind ambition, some holes were left unplugged – it’ll be a messy transition. Adam wants to start by siphoning off Locke’s employees (who aren’t happy about having to move to GC) We hire them and allow them to work remotely. Victor doesn’t want to go after anything to do with NE. He won’t risk what Vikki’s accomplished. Adam can’t believe what he’s hearing. Before you went to Italy you accused me of losing my killer instinct – but it looks like you’re the one who’s lost his killer instinct.

At the park, Tara tells Sally that she needs to stop texting her and asking that they meet. Look at this selfie Phyllis just sent me. This whole thing’s unraveling, Tara frets – Kyle left a message for Summer; he loves and misses her. Phyllis keeps getting Jack and Kyle worked up. Sally will figure out a plan. Now’s not the time to panic. Get a grip. Jack and Kyle won’t risk losing Harrison. Tara can’t calm down – her entire life’s about to blow up. Without the Abbott’s, I’ll have nothing, Tara just wants to give her son the best future possible.

Vikki rejoins Ashland to suggest they book their trip right now. He agrees – we can make it our honeymoon. I’ve fallen in love with you too.

Adam reminds Victor how angry he was; you wondered why I wasn’t. There was nothing we could do about it then, but now there is. Victor admires his daughter’s ‘gutsy’ move. She’s the real power at NE; one helluva CEO. She makes me proud. He won’t jeopardize what she’s accomplished. Adam wants to retaliate – it’s just business. No, it’s never just business when you and your sister are involved.

Eric tells Phyllis that he regrets allowing Sally to use him. Phyllis doesn’t blame him and appreciates him giving her all the ammunition she needs. He doesn’t doubt that – goodbye.

After rejoining Kyle, Jack gets a text from Phyllis – don’t do anything til I get back. I found out something big.

Whatever you do, focus on your son, Sally tells Tara not to panic. Tara doesn’t need Sally to lecture her. Keep it together, Sally strides off.

Adam just wants to do what’s best for the company. Many of Locke’s employees are ready to jump ship and work for us. Son, one day you’ll understand – Vikki’s my daughter, I’m proud of her. Victor has an idea. If you want to go after someone, let’s go after Billy and ChanceCom. Newman is off-limits.

Ashland wants his time with Vikki to be glorious. On bended knee, he kisses her hand – will you marry me? Vikki’s speechless.