Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Lily returns home from visiting Mattie to wonder if she’s in the right place. Yes, Billy welcomes her with flowers, candles and music.

At TGP, Devon and Nick think Moses and Faith are cute together. He’s all yours, Devon leaves when Phyllis arrives. Back so soon? Nick knows she either hit paydirt or a brick wall.

Rey’s stolen time out of his busy shift to visit Sharon at CL’s. Jack appears to regretfully say that if Mariah doesn’t come home soon, he’ll have to replace her at work.

Abby and Tessa nervously await Mariah’s return (in time for her doctor’s appointment) Uncle Jack hasn’t heard anything either, Abby comments. Both their phones beep – why would Mariah send a bland group text over something so important? Tessa frets. She’s not coming home, Abby concludes.

In her cozy room, Mariah awakens to her baby kicking. Good – we have to keep fighting or we may never get out of here.

Slow dancing, Lily and Billy express how much they missed each other. She moved Mattie out of her psychotic roommates and into a new place. Candles, bubbly and caviar – all that’s missing is the flash mob, Lily rewards Billy with a kiss.

Reading Mariah’s text aloud, Abby and Tessa are mystified – she’s not ready to face the doctor yet or come home (until she’s in a better headspace) Abby blames herself – Mariah regrets being my surrogate. I pushed her away. We can only pray that Mariah works things out for herself, and the baby.

Still in the hotel lobby, Phyllis enlightens Nick – Sally flew all the way to LA to ask Eric to recommend Summer to Angelina Marchetti. It’s a dream job, Nick doesn’t see the crime. We’re missing a piece of the puzzle, Phyllis wonders – why did Summer call off her engagement to accept a job in Italy. When Sally strolls in, Phyllis asks if she got the picture of her with Angelina and Eric – I got all the dirt I need on you.

Eric knew you were up to something, again. If that was the case, he wouldn’t have done me the favour, Sally has nothing to ‘come clean’ about. Heading to the elevator, Sally tells Phyllis to scurry off to watch on her cameras. She’s definitely up to something, Nick agrees with Phyllis.

Mariah wishes she watched more prison break movies. Glad to have ‘Kiddo’ to talk to, she suggests a rock star nickname Freddie, Bruno, how about Bowie? Until we get back to your Mommy and Daddy. Everyone must be so worried about us, Mariah tears up. Your namesake has a song about heroes.

Nina’s home to join a worried Tessa (who wasn’t able to track Mariah’s cell phone) I don’t have the capabilities to find her – we should go to a real detective.

Nick’s solidly in Phyllis’ corner when Lauren arrives. Phyllis suggests she reconsider having Sally run JVC and the deal to acquire Tara’s shoe company can NOT happen. Lauren asks for proof of these outrageous allegations.

At Devon’s penthouse, Abby tells him that Mariah didn’t come home for her doctor appointment – she sent a vague text saying she needs to get in a better headspace.

Tessa’s at CL’s (with Nina) to tell Sharon that she’s freaking out. Maybe someone else is sending those text messages. Sharon gently explains that pregnancy can be overwhelming. What does Nina think? Tessa’s instincts shouldn’t be ignored. Rey comes along to say that the app isn’t very reliable. Tessa appeals to Sharon – something is very wrong.