Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Amanda thanks Naya (with Imani) for joining her at Society for lunch. Did Sutton know he was being recorded? she implies that Sutton only said enough to get her released. Amanda relays that the DA doesn’t have enough evidence to reinstate criminal charges against Sutton – but a civil case will tank his political career. You can’t do that, Naya implores.

Tara wishes she’d listened and stayed away from Sally (then proceeds to throw her under the bus) Sally arranged Summer’s job in Italy – I was to convince her to take it. Yes, she used Harrison as leverage – but was only fighting for what was best for her son.

Summer sniffles – she wanted to tell Kyle but Tara threatened to take off with Harrison. There was no way out – Summer couldn’t be the reason Kyle lost his son. Harrison can’t be left to be raised by that awful woman. Kyle has to go. No – you can’t tell Tara that you know! Summer frets.

Pouring champagne, Ashland toasts his beautiful fiancee – cheers. He’ll have to tell his doctors that he has another reason to want to stay alive now. We should keep this news between us. Vikki knows some will accuse her of taking advantage – but we won’t run off to elope. Our love is big and death-defying – we should have a big wedding ~kiss~

Amanda knows Sutton considers his political career more important than her Father’s life. Even if your grandfather was involved, do you really want him to lose his political career? Yes, that’s exactly what Amanda wants. Put yourself in my shoes. Are you OK with Sutton facing no consequences for what he did? Naya thought Richard’s death a sad accident. Imani gently adds – you know in your heart that Sutton’s responsible. If Naya admits that, would it be enough for Amanda to let Sutton live out his days in peace? No, but it might be enough for us to heal our relationship. Imani assures Naya that Amanda will be there for them the way Sutton wasn’t.

Phyllis answers a video call from Summer. You’re ruining everything – why are you causing trouble??? Summer asks through tears.

Back at Society, Naya feels terrible for dragging Amanda into this mess. She truly thought Sutton was being unfairly accused. She grew up believing her Father wanted only the best for her. After Naya excuses herself to fix her makeup, Amanda tells Imani that her civil charges were no threat. When Imani isn’t sure that’s for the best, Amanda wonders why she has a problem with that.

Phyllis couldn’t let those two girls manipulate her daughter – they’re repulsive. Did you know Sally had Eric recommend you for the job? No, Summer didn’t – but it doesn’t matter. I was forced to leave town, she admits – Tara threatened to leave town with Harrison. Summer left to protect Kyle from losing his son. Kyle’s probably on his way to confront Tara (and that’s your fault)

When Kyle comes home to hear that Tara’s upstairs, Jack reminds him that he’s connected to her through Harrison for the rest of his life. Tara comes back down to scold Kyle – do you want Harrison to hear you!?

Ashland’s taking Vikki out to his favourite hot spots in NY to celebrate.

Imani’s first reaction was the same as Naya’s (about the civil suit) I was raised in the same distorted environment our Mother was. But, the rational part of Imani knows this is the least Sutton deserves. Be patient with us we separate ourselves from the misconceptions we grew up with. Amanda was taken in by Sutton at first. He exploits your vulnerabilities. Imani’s seeing the light and Naya will get there too. Amanda’s moved to tears – to make a relationship with her sister and Mother. It’s incredibly precious.

How could you do this to me? Kyle fumes. Tara’s sorry – it was wrong. She thought she was doing the best thing for Harrison. Knowing there’s no coming back from this, Tara asks what happens now?

Nick and Phyllis continue their videochat with Summer. The truth coming out is for the best. Not if Tara takes Harrison away from Kyle. Nick can’t believe what she did for Kyle. I have to go, Summer abruptly ends the call. Nick curbs Phyllis’ gloating – it Tara leaves with Harrison, guess who’ll be blamed. On cue, Phyllis’ laptop pings – we got it. Now what? Phyllis will access and expose all Tara’s financials. That bitch isn’t getting away with it.