Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Upstairs, Nick wants to know what Phyllis is up to. She’s following up on Lauren’s tip – there’s a reason Tara’s shoe company financials are hard to get hold of. They got Al Capone on tax evasion. Nick doubts the DA’s wife will be impressed if Phyllis hacks Tara’s accounts/business records. Phyllis hasn’t managed to get past Tara’s firewall yet – but she will!

At the Abbott mansion, Tara’s throwing a fit. Someone’s lying about me – Phyllis or Sally. Jack just wants to protect Harrison. He’s not accusing Tara of anything – trust me enough to tell me the truth (he sensed there’s something she wants to tell him)

Summer video-calls Kyle as he’s about to leave CL’s. We said our goodbyes – talking might make it harder to move on. You’re finding it hard to move on too? Kyle perks up.

Amanda’s with Mike at Society. Naya refuses to believe her Father’s guilty and hopes the DA won’t press charges. Mike intends to pursue the case. Hang in there, he encourages her before leaving Amanda to call Imani. You’re with Naya right now? Good – I need you to do something for me.

In the condo, Vikki flashes back to Ashland’s proposal. He returns from meeting with his realtor to ask what she’s thinking.

Understanding that Vikki was caught off-guard, Ashland will understand if she turns his proposal down. We threw caution to the wind, this intense whirlwind has been the most intense thing that’s ever happened to Vikki. Her answer is yes ~kiss~

** Sorry, very late tonight so no time for proofreading and spellcheck etc.

Nick’s concerned that this might backfire on Phyllis. It’s one thing to swipe Sally’s phone to send a fake text – quite another to hack into Tara’s financials. Phyllis must take those girls down. Jack’s starting to realize it but will forgive Sally again, and won’t risk alienating Tara. Our daughter’s not fighting for herself (for some reason) It’s up to us.

Jack’s done things he’s not proud of – but is proud of the times he took responsibility. People can earn trust and respect, but it must come from honesty. He considers Tara part of his family, and you know what family means to me.

Kyle vows to find out why Summer broke up with him. Phyllis won’t let it go either. Sure, it was Summer’s decision but under what duress. The truth will come out; Kyle feels he deserves to hear it from Summer.

Phyllis is sure she can break through Tara’s firewall, and it’s sweet that Nick’s offering to help (and be an accessory) The program she downloaded should reveal who Tara is in a few minutes.

Back at the house, Tara admits to Jack that it was hard to see Kyle with Summer (wondering how different things could have been) Sally guessed what she was feeling and came to her to say she had a plan.

Kyle misses Summer like crazy. She misses him too but stop coming up with alternate reasons why we broke up. Are you afraid I’ll lose Harrison? My Dad thinks Tara might be using him as leverage. Is that what happened? Kyle persists.