Thursday, August 5th, 2021

Phyllis and Nick have summoned Lauren to TGP. No, this isn’t about Sally and Tara, it’s about preventing Fenmore’s from making a big mistake. Phyllis and Nick are working on something. They need to split up – but first, they need Lauren to make a phone call.

Kyle demands Tara stop with the games and lies and tell everyone that she teamed up with Sally to force Summer out of town. I can’t believe this is how you repay my family for taking you in after Ashland kicked you to the curb! Yes, Tara did threaten to leave town with Harrison and now that’s exactly what she’s doing. Jack and Kyle are left looking horrified when she marches upstairs.

At CL’s, Faith tells her Mom how cool it was hanging out backstage at the Tiger Lily concert. Enter Moses.

Adam’s glad that Connor’s having fun at lacrosse camp – love you ~click~

Victor’s summoned Rey to the ranch to thank him for making sure Connor got back safely. How did Chelsea seem? Happy to be with her son. How happy? Victor worries she’ll come back to get Connor, then disappear.

At Society, Adam informs Nick that he and Chelsea won’t reconcile – but they’ll co-parent Connor. He sees no reason why it would be awkward for her to work with Chloe under Newman Media’s fashion division.

Tara’s back downstairs to tell Kyle that she’s got Harrison all packed up. He’s young and will forget you. Jack scowls – you’re the one who messed up, not Kyle (who only wants what’s best for his son) Don’t do this – I love him. If you ever cared about me you won’t do this.

Over drinks at Society, Adam believes he and Chelsea can be as successful co-parenting as Nick and Sharon. Joking about how weird it is to be getting along with Adam, Nick implies that he could go back to hating his brother if he messed up Sharon’s life.

Back at CL’s, Rey agrees to unofficially look into Mariah’s whereabouts. Victor offered him a job heading his security team. He turned it down but admits the better pay and more time to spend with Sharon is tempting.

Tara has one card and she’s not just giving it up. You see your son as a bargaining chip, Jack’s disappointed. When Phyllis arrives with Lauren, Kyle says not now – Tara’s leaving and taking Harrison. No, she’s not, Phyllis announces. Lauren adds that Tara’s been embezzling from her investors. It’s brazen fraud. You hacked my accounts – it’s inadmissible, Tara accuses Phyllis. No, Nick spoke to your accountant – he sent all the info to the authorities. Phyllis then opens the Abbott’s front door to let the police in. It’s over.

On the patio, Faith and Moses are still riding high from the Tiger Lily concert. He might want to switch career paths from medicine to music. When he excuses himself, Faith reads the inscription on the LP. Hang onto Moses, he’s a keeper.