Friday, August 6th, 2021

Vikki and Ashland are now back at her place; now to be known as ‘our home’ – where we will build our future. Crazy that Tara was arrested, Vikki will be there for Ashland and Harrison in any way she can. Nikki bursts in to comment that Tara’s arrest for misappropriation of funds will be all over the news soon. Harrison’s in good hands with Jack and Kyle. After Ashland excuses himself to go see his son, Vikki tells her Mom that Harrison will be surrounded with love; Ashland, the Abbott’s and me.

At TGP, Phyllis is still gloating about saving Kyle and Jack from Tara (with help from Nick of course) I’m heroic and we’re an unstoppable team. She’s sure Summer will want to come back home, where she belongs. Nick looks less certain about that.

Sally’s leaving a message for Tara when Lauren appears at CL’s to announce that she won’t be calling back; she spent last night behind bars.

Thanking Amanda for coming, Victor’s updated that the case against her Mother is closed – the case against Sutton will be reopened (thanks to Victor getting him to incriminate himself) He suspects that she doesn’t yet have closure.

At the house, Jack tells Ashland that Harrison’s at the children’s museum with his Aunt Traci and that he doesn’t know what happened with his Mom last night. A lot went on that you don’t know about. Or maybe you do (Jack’s suspicious with Ashland’s lack of surprise)

It meant the world to Amanda to learn that her Father wanted to find her – but it feels like she’s losing the family she just found out she had. Speak of the devil, her phone pings – Naya wants to meet but Amanda’s not up to be badgered again about forgiving Sutton. You only have one Mother, Victor encourages her to give Naya another chance.

Nikki’s surprised to hear that Ashland’s divorce was already finalized. Vikki was caught off-guard by her sudden connection to Ashland; she hasn’t felt this loved and respected in a long time. Am I missing something? Nikki wonders what happened in NY.

Ashland didn’t conspire with Tara – but Sally did ask him to make a connection between Summer and Angelina Marchetti, so he reached out to Eric and Sally took it from there. Jack shakes his head – if only he knew this a long time ago. Hearing that Ashland plans to file a motion to restrict Tara from seeing Harrison, Jack asks – what about Kyle??

Why would Tara be skimming funds from her own company? Sally wonders. For some people, everything isn’t enough, Lauren berates her for betraying her trust (after I gave you a second chance no less) It’s NOT a crazy notion that you and Tara are ‘in cahoots’, it’s the truth.

Ashland will take some time before deciding on visitation for Kyle. Jack doesn’t mean to sound insensitive, but you don’t have much time. Ashland’s happy to report that he’s starting treatment. He’ll discuss custody arrangements with Kyle when he’s back from Milan. Ashland’s impressed by how Jack stepped up as a Father, grandfather and man. Family is everything to me, Jack’s left alone to smile at a text he receives.

At TGP, Phyllis and Nick get a text from Summer – she and Kyle want to have a video chat with them and Jack. Phyllis is even more convinced she’s coming home. Nick, not so much.