Wednesday, August 11th, 2021

At CL’s, Devon’s sorry to hear that Elena’s wiped out from working a double shift; Nate’s working even more since he was promoted. Devon’s surprised to hear his cousin’s Chief of Surgery at Memorial (the job Abby’s ex moved back to GC for) Elena seems surprised when Devon points out that Nate’s her boss now.

Phyllis thanks Amanda (at the hotel) for helping her uncover Sally and Tara’s scheme – those two little girls got what they deserved. Amanda knows her friend is sad that Summer’s not coming home, but look how well things are going for everyone you care about.

At Chancellor Park, Jack and Nick discuss how disappointed Phyllis is. Both are glad that Summer and Kyle are happy and together. Nick asks if Phyllis is right about Jack reconnecting with Sally right before things blew up.

Vikki fusses over Ashland as he’s set to begin day one of his treatment. Told that she doesn’t need to spend the day with him, Vikki insists on at least dropping him off and picking him up. The merger still needs oversight, Ashland gently reminds. Yes, but Vikki wants to share the news of their personal merger.

Billy and Lily are at home; their phones blowing up on account of their coverage of Tara’s arrest. Phyllis’ meddling paid off and ChanceCom is reaping the rewards; the Lockes are the gift that keeps on giving.

Jack was attracted to Sally’s fearless spirit but she’s her own worst enemy. Like Phyllis, Nick chuckles. Jack owes her. She sure knows you well, Nick looks worried when Jack adds – ‘maybe better than anyone’.

Phyllis was determined to keep Jack from heartache. She also reconciled Summer with the love of her life AND stopped Lauren from going into business with a crook. That was kickass, Amanda is busy seeking justice for her Father. The gal-pals toast to saving the world with Mimosas.

Vikki drops by the condo to drop the bombshell on Billy and Vikki (who are stunned to hear that she and Ashland are engaged)

Billy didn’t see this coming but doesn’t disapprove. Mostly a silent observer, Lily reminds Billy that he said Ashland was a worthy match for Vikki. He starts chemo today, Vikki has faith that they can fight this cancer together. Having faced cancer herself, Lily wishes them the best.

Nate’s at Devon’s to tell Moses that he won’t be able to spend as much time mentoring him but doesn’t look pleased when Moses sheepishly announces that medicine isn’t his calling after all.

Back at CL’s, Elena tells Devon that her relationship with Nate is on solid ground. Devon’s sure they can balance their work and relationship (but Elena doesn’t look convinced)

Nate recovers quickly to accept Moses’ decision – he doesn’t feel his time was ‘wasted’ and there’s no shame in changing your mind. Time to make a new plan. Moses appreciates Nate’s support floats the idea of working at Hamilton-Winters.

Vikki’s back downstairs to update Billy that the kids took the news of her engagement well. She understands that ChanceCom will be reporting on Tara’s arrest but insists that Ashland had no idea what she was up to.