Thursday, August 12th, 2021

Ashland awakens from a nap on the couch as Vikki quietly sets down a bowl of fruit. He thinks she needs to focus on the merger while he figures out what’s best for his son.

Happy that Faith and Moses are at the ranch for a swim, Victor suddenly excuses himself, leaving Nikki to smile at the kids.

Abby records a video on her phone. She misses Chance so much and there’s a reason she hasn’t made another video until now. Abby has something to confess.

On the CL’s patio, Nick jokes that Devon’s out-cooled him in Faith’s eyes (with the Tiger Lily backstage experience) Sharon shares her concern for Mariah – no one knows where she is.

Why yes, Ashland IS kicking Vikki out of her own house. He appreciates her devotion but wants to see her ‘all over the business websites’ tomorrow. Ashland has a ‘plethora’ of things to attend to, including returning Kyle’s messages. Agreeing to go to the office, Vikki comments that Ashland seems stronger – she supports whatever he decides regarding Harrison. Looking annoyed as she leaves, Ashland leaves a message for Kyle – decisions need to be made ~click~

Serving Faith and Moses lemonade, Nikki talks about Miss Patsy. Though an embarrassed Faith is sure Moses doesn’t want to hear about her childhood doll, he assures the ladies that he does. Nikki then launches into a story.

Ashland leaves a message for Jack – unable to reach Kyle, he wants to address the matter of his son quickly. Not surprised when Victor shows up, he correctly assumes that his future father-in-law has questions. You bet – Victor was concerned about Vikki should Ashland die, now he’s concerned about what happens if he lives.

Ashland’s glad that Victor’s contemplating his future after being willing to watch him die just a few months ago. Victor wants Ashland to live for decades – but won’t he then want to run the new company? Fair concern, could you blame me if running the company has crossed my mind? Ashland replies.

Back on the patio, Sharon reads Mariah’s last text aloud – stop pressuring me. I’ll be home when I’m ready – it’s time to back off. Harsh, but Nick knows that Mariah can be that way. When Rey arrives, Nick goes inside to join his sister and hear that she’s engaged.

Abby confesses on video that she has no idea where Mariah is – or how big her baby bump is. I’m sorry, she tears up – I don’t know if our baby’s safe. If I can’t make Mariah feel safe and protected, what kind of Mother will I be?

Rey used the GCPD’s most advanced technology but still couldn’t track Mariah’s phone. You’d have to be real tech-savvy to pull this off. Well, that’s not Mariah – what does this mean? Sharon worries.