Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Drinks in hand (at his house) Jack heaps praise on Phyllis – who’s in no mood to celebrate raising a daughter strong enough to move to Italy.

In his office, Adam’s on a video-chat with Chelsea. When she suggests they both go visit Connor at lacrosse camp – for a night or weekend, Adam’s curious as to where she sees this ‘family time’ going.

On the patio, Sally and Chloe praise one another – a partnership could benefit both of us. Sally has a million ideas and Chloe wants to hear them all; assuming Lauren signs off on the collaboration. Put your phone away, Sally now realizes ‘it’ll never work’.

Rey’s at CL’s to say that he wasn’t able to track Mariah’s cell phone either but has one more thing to look into. What does your gut tell you? Sharon doesn’t like the answer – sometimes, people just don’t want to be found.

Abby’s just sent Mariah yet another text message when Devon arrives at Society. If Mariah needs space, Abby will move out and leave her and Tessa in the estate. She reads ‘Mariah’s’ reply aloud – just stop, you’re not making things any easier.

Mariah’s ecstatic when Tessa busts down the door to rescue her. Alas, she awakens with a start to realize it was only a dream.

Of course, Phyllis is proud of Summer (but laments no longer being able to see her spur of the moment) When Jack suggests she focus on Summer being happy, Phyllis admits that she and Nick aren’t on the same page.

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Chelsea agrees to take it one step at a time; she’s just excited about piecing her life back together. Adam’s glad but too much too soon might confuse Connor. He only wants a co-parenting relationship.

Chloe wonders why Lauren fired Sally – did you try to bring back the poodle skirt? Providing a brief but accurate synopsis of how she and Tara got Summer to move to Italy, Sally’s sure Chloe will want to part ways and pretend they never met.

Chloe heard every word – I used to be you (which applies to Chelsea too) People change; Chloe’s been given full autonomy to do anything she wants, and what she wants is Sally Spectra’s byline on her site – are we going to get to work or not?

Abby wants to apologize to Mariah in person, with a hug. Devon’s advice is to delegate to Society’s staff and distract herself. But not with Nina because she’s off working on a film and Abby doesn’t want to make another video for Chance.

Abby doesn’t want Chance to come home to watch her videos and realize what went on while he was away. Getting a text that Sharon and Rey want to see her, she hurries out with Devon close behind.