Thursday, August 12th, 2021

After a swim, Nikki has more stories. When Moses goes to get the phone Faith left behind, she worries that her grandmother’s stories will scare him off. Nikki wishes Neil could see them having fun together. Are you sure this is only a friendship? He’s so considerate, and cute. Nikki knows that she’s had a hard year – but it’s OK to be happy. Thank you, Faith looks smitten when Moses returns to say she got a text from Miss Patsy.

Is Vikki happy? Yes – then that’s what matters to Nick. He doesn’t mean to sound insensitive – but isn’t Ashland dying? He’s undergoing a promising new therapy. Vikki’s disappointed by Nick’s reaction – even Dad’s happy for me. Nick will reserve judgment until he talks to Ashland.

Knowing how hard Vikki’s worked at this merger, Victor finds it curious that after merging the two most powerful companies in the world, Ashland decided to get treatment and married. Ashland always moves decisively and quickly. He’s indignant with Victor’s implication that he faked a fatal illness to put this merger together. That’s rich, he chuckles.

Ashland’s flattered that Victor would think him so ruthless; it’s a badge of honor – but I’m very sick. Victor will have proof of that if he dies. Ashland wonders how long he’d wait to call 911 if he collapsed on the floor right now. Vikki comes home to ask ‘what’s going on’? Your Father thinks I faked my illness to merge our companies then take them over. That’s the gist of it, Victor agrees. Dad, how could you!? Vikki’s aghast.

I’m all alone – two of the most important people in my life are unreachable, Abby weeps – she can hear what Chance would say as he held her; that it’s not my fault – it’ll all work out. I have to find the strength to get through this. I won’t wait and worry anymore, or let you or our baby down. With new determination, Abby grabs her phone and leaves.

Mariah could have someone cover her tracks – does she have any tech-savvy friends? Kevin, Sharon suggests. She worries that Tessa’s right – Mariah’s being held against her will; perhaps by Ian Ward. Rey will check to make sure he’s still in prison (but assumes he is) He’ll also check on the crime ring Tessa was involved with. He’ll make this search official and track Mariah’s credit card info. I’ll bring her home, he vows before leaving.

Abby’s at CL’s to ask Sharon what she thinks of Mariah’s text – it doesn’t even sound like her. Tessa’s gone to see her sister; to see if someone from her past is involved. Sharon relays that Mariah’s phone block is professionally done; Rey’s opening an investigation. If Mariah’s in trouble, he’ll find her. He has to – nothing can happen to Mariah and our baby! Abby asserts.

Ashland would have the same suspicions if in Victor’s place – your Father’s intentions are honourable, he tells Vikki. He’s not insulted at all and gives Victor his word that his sickness is real, as is his love for Vikki. Both will be proven in time. Yes, that’s what Victor wanted to hear. He thanks Ashland for clearing up his doubts. Vikki scowls and shakes her head.

At the park, Moses knows that Faith’s grandmother meant well. She thinks we’re more than friends, Faith informs. Are we? Maybe. That gives Moses hope. Faith wants to be more than friends. The pair hold hands, then kiss.

I … we … Faith stammers. What is going on here? Nick asks in a serious tone.

Victor’s home to tell Nikki that Ashland understands his concerns. Yes, Nikki would have told him not to do it. Vikki seems to be upset whenever I do something, Victor mopes. You went behind her back to interrogate her fiance, Nikki points out. Victor’s upset that his relationship with Vikki may never get back to what it was. Nikki thinks the most loving thing would be to step back.

Vikki rants and raves – how could my Father accuse you of something he would do himself? Accept that he’ll never change, Ashland wants to do something soothing; a walk in the woods maybe. Vikki knows just the spot. Ashland’s phone beeps – a reply from Jack. What have you decided about Harrison’s future? Vikki asks.

Abby leaves a message for Tessa; she could really use some good news right now – call me. Rey arrives to say there’s been no credit card activity – and no phone calls from Mariah’s phone. Abby sees this as further proof that something bad has happened to her.

Next Week: The next few hours will be devoted to a tribute to all the things about Phyllis that makes Nick crazy – he’ll call it Phyllis Appreciation Day … Nikki warns Sally that she’s very protective of the people she loves. Make no mistake, my husband isn’t the only one who knows how to take matters into his own hands … At Society, Lauren asks Gloria what they’re toasting to. Me, of course. This is my last day as your assistant .. Getting a visit from Rey, Adam assumes this is about Chelsea? No. Maariah Copeland. Rey’s wondering when was the last time Adam had contact with her.