Friday, August 13th, 2021

Jack has Harrison’s best interests at heart, and so does Kyle, he quickly adds. Ashland’s come over to the house so that Jack can call Kyle; he’s decided what to do in his son’s best interests.

After picking the kids up from summer camp and dropping them off at the house, Billy runs into Vikki at CL’s. Yes, the kids briefly mentioned the wedding (which both are looking forward to) Ashland’s first day of treatment went well and all’s going well with the big merger, Vikki updates.

On his way to visit Abby, Devon’s stopped by ChanceCom instead to talk to Lily.

Jack’s eager to hear what Ashland has to say (and so is Kyle) There’s no solution that will make everyone happy, Ashland’s agitated – my son’s future and well-being are at stake here. On cue, Kyle calls in for a videochat.

Devon updates Lily on Mariah’s strange disappearance that has them all worried. Even Rey thinks it time to investigate. She promised Abby she’d be back for her doctor’s appointment. Something doesn’t feel right. Mariah hasn’t used her credit cards or phone (except to send vague text messages) Lily wonders if Devon’s having second thoughts about getting involved.

On the CL’s patio, Billy’s trying to be supportive of Vikki – but wonders if she suspects she’s making a mistake.

Ashland was furious about Kyle’s affair with Tara – but one good thing is that her true colours have come out. He’s started treatment that could extend his life. If not, he could be dead in a few months. Bottom line, Ashland’s decided that Harrison should go to live with Kyle in Italy.

Harrison will live with Kyle in Italy with Ashland visiting when he’s feeling healthy; they can also meet up in New York, where Tara will have to be allowed to see Harrison too (supervised of course) He’ll be told that Mommy’s on a time out because she broke the law. Kyle promises to be a good Father and put Harrison first. All seem pleased.

Devon’s happy to have helped Abby and Chance. He tells Lily that he’s frustrated because Chance chose his job over his obligation to Abby and this baby.

Lily’s relieved to hear that Devon hasn’t told Abby how he feels about Chance being away on assignment. She needs to have faith in her husband. Both hope that Mariah will come home soon.

Vikki and Billy are amused that they’re trying to psychoanalyze each other. Maybe we’ve found the sweet spot as exes now that we’ve both moved on. Vikki’s left looking less confident when Billy gets up and walks inside.

After Ashland goes to talk to Harrison, Jack and Kyle continue their video-chat to quietly celebrate and catch up. Jack misses his son; Kyle misses his (who chokes up when agreeing to be the one to bring Harrison to Italy)