Monday, August 16th, 2021

Jack meets Lauren at Society to explain that he pushed their business meeting up because he’s taking Harrison to Milan to live with Kyle and Summer. She knows how hard this must be.

Joining Phyllis (at TGP) as she ends a call with Summer, Nick sighs/smiles – you have to give her some space. They then joke about her meddling/determination. Nick declares the next few hours ‘Phyllis Appreciation Day’.

Nikki blocks Sally’s path to the CL’s patio. Remember me? Yes, Sally does; you’re COO of NE and Victor’s wife. I’m also the grandmother of the woman you ran out of town, Nikki purses her lips in anger.

Where’s the man in charge? Vikki’s in Adam’s office to ask (meaning her Father of course) He always did let you get away with murder, she wonders Adam’s new media company hasn’t reported on the Newman-Locke merger. You’re now Goliath, Adam jokes. And you’re the underdog with a slingshot, Vikki’s smug. We all know who won that one, Adam scores the last shot.

Praising Ashland’s decision re: Harrison, Lauren asks (and gets an earful) on how Jack’s feeling (happy and sad) Missing her sons, Lauren understands – the distance is hard to bear. If not for Mike, she’s not sure what she would do. Jack pastes on a smile.

Never mind the work Phyllis has to do, Nick’s cleared her day. Winning is important so we’re going head to head. No, not a video game – Nick has something else set up. Phyllis is lead out by the hand.

Between ChanceConm and Newman-Locke, Vikki guesses that Adam knows his fledgling company doesn’t stand a chance and is afraid he’ll let Dad down again. That’s enough! Victor appears on cue.

Though Victor demands they stop the hostility, Adam and Vikki continue to bicker. Sure his wedding invitation will get lost in the mail, Adam goes for a run – leaving Victor to scold Vikki.

Phyllis is poisoning everyone’s mind against me, Sally whines to Nikki (who’d normally agree, but not this time) Not swayed by Sally’s smooth talk, she warns her not to cross her family again – my husband’s not the only one who knows how to take matters into his own hands.

Lauren’s sorry she encouraged Jack to pursue Sally (who duped her too) She didn’t have the patience to wait or the ethics to know she crossed the line. Jack’s sure Sally won’t get another job as good as Fenmore’s anytime soon.

In the park, Sally and Adam manage to jog right into one another.

After some fun at the batting cages, Nick and Phyllis are back at TGP – for massages.

Victor’s surprised to hear that Vikki and Ashland are getting married on October 15th – at the family palazzo in Tuscany, Italy. Victor looks forward to a wedding at his villa.

Engaging in fun ‘n flirty banter at the park, Sally sits ‘boss-man’ down to fill him in on her scandalous past – if it’s too scandalous, you can break your promise to Chloe and fire me, she invites Adam to pull up a bench.