Tuesday, August 17th, 2021

Jack tells Harrison how exciting it will be on the jet. When we wake up in Italy guess who we’ll see. No, not Mommy – Daddy Kyle – won’t that be fun? Summer found a gelato place. You’re in for the time of your life with your Daddy. Of course Zippy can go (and here’s a handmade passport grandpa made)

Adam summons Chloe to his office to ask why she copied Chelsea on her memo. She’s part of the team – that was part of your pitch, she reminds. Adam finds comfort in the one constant; Chloe’s innate dislike for him. It’s not innate, it’s learned from years of experience. Where’s the ‘fashion superstar’? Sally will be here soon – Chloe thinks the fact that Phyllis doesn’t like her ‘badge of honor’.

As Phyllis sends Jack a text asking him to come by TGP, Sally bursts in to report a robbery. Someone broke into my suite and took everything I own! Is it really a robbery? Phyllis muses. Now, if someone came in and stole that luggage over there, THAT would be a robbery. Sally’s eyes widen at the sight of her luggage. She’s evicted and must leave asap.

Gloria appreciates Lauren taking her out to Society; you’re an excellent manager – I’m always looking for leadership tips. She’d like a glass, no… a bottle of the good stuff. You’ll want to raise a glass and wish me luck. Why? It’s my last day as your assistant, Glo announces.

On the CL’s patio, Mike updates Rey that Ian Ward’s still behind bars; any communication with the outside world is monitored. Maybe Mariah just needed a break. Rey lists reasons why he believes that’s not the case.

Mike and Rey brainstorm – maybe someone has it on for Chance or Sharon. Hmmm, Rey can think of one person who comes to mind.

Chloe has work to do before Sally arrives – are we good? Are we ever really good? Adam still has a problem with Chelsea receiving confidential info before she’s even on the payroll. Well, this was a lot of fun, let’s never do it again, he jokes. With an eye-roll, snort and a smirk, Chloe leaves begrudgingly amused.

Yes, Phyllis CAN ‘do this’ – management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who bugs the hell out of me. Sally’s got five minutes to go see if there’s anything left. Is there a problem? Jack asks after Sally dashes upstairs. Not anymore, Phyllis replies.

Mike joins his wife and Mom at Society – what did I miss? Gloria’s quit her job as Lauren’s assistant …. to run JCV. You can’t be serious, he’s horrified.

Hurtling out of the elevator to confront Phyllis, Sally asks Jack if there’s anyone less suited to the hospitality business than ‘her’? Phyllis stands by silently making faces as Jack defends her decision and calls Sally ‘greedy’. I’ll never forget what you did! Sally snarls at Phyllis – she is sorry things didn’t work out with Jack. Shall I call a bellhop? Phyllis offers as Sally struggles with her luggage. No! she makes a loud, clumsy exit.

That’s quite a jump; from my assistant to running JCV, Lauren points out. Sally? she had a lot of experience. I do too! Gloria was even a judge on Extreme Catwalk. Mike chuckles – and there’s the little matter of running a business. After Lauren interrupts the bickering, Gloria lists her qualities – I won’t plot behind your back. Come on – give me the job. You could do worse – you already have.