Wednesday, August 19th, 2021

Mariah talks to ‘Bowie’ the baby bump. She’s going a bit stir crazy wondering why she was abducted and by whom.

At CL’s, Tessa reports that Mariah’s disappearance has nothing to do with Crystal. Sharon lets Rey be the one to tell Tessa that there’s been no activity on Mariah’s credit card or phone. Someone took her, Tessa’s devastated that her instincts were right.

Having talked to Chris, Devon’s at the estate to update Abby that there’s been a development in the case Chance is working on; he’s staying ‘extra low’. Chris will try to get a message to him (about what’s going on with Mariah) Abby’s pissed – you were way out of line!

Nikki’s back home to tell Victor that Vikki’s picked a theme for the wedding; the history of the palazzo. She wants it to be a huge, lavish affair.

At Society, Nick chats with Ashland. He admires him for putting Harrison first; must be tough. It helps to have Vikki to go home to, Ashland’s ready for Nick to lay into him. He just doesn’t want to see his sister heartbroken. Ashland’s not sure why the Newman men think she’s so fragile; she’s the strongest person he’s ever met. Nick agrees that Vikki’s tough, but she has made foolish mistakes – there’s one right over there (Billy’s talking on his phone)

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Nikki supports Vikki having a big wedding – she wants to make a statement; to tell the world that she’s found her match. Victor agrees – Ashland is her equal. Both think the couple should enjoy whatever time they have. The sky’s the limit, Victor wants his daughter’s wedding to be everything she wants.

Nick didn’t mean to insult Ashland, he just doesn’t want Vikki to be disappointed again. Ashland’s no Billy Abbott – he loves Vikki with everything he has and she feels the same way. Don’t judge what’s in her heart – we’re living in the moment and looking towards the future. After Ashland leaves with his take-out, Billy and Nick lock eyes.

Abby’s not happy that Devon reached out to Chance without even talking to her – he can’t just leave his assignment because I miss him. It’s more than that – it’s not OK that you’re dealing with all this. Abby’s not alone. Your husband should be the one who’s here for you, Devon’s firm.

Mariah wouldn’t want you blaming yourselves, Rey tells a teary Sharon and Tessa. He promises to find Mariah and there IS something important they can do.

Joining Nick at Society’s bar, Billy bets Ashland left looking ‘peeved because they were discussing him marrying your sister. I’m with you, Billy thinks them getting married is a mistake. How long were you with Vikki before that impulsive wedding in Jamaica? Nick reminds. He’s concerned while Billy’s jealous. He’s worried about the Mother of his children and loves Vikki the way Nick loves Sharon. Live your life and let Vikki live hers, Nick says on his way out.

What’s all this? Ashland comes home to find that Vikki’s set an elaborate table. Since he got the food, she’s providing the ambiance.

Tessa and Sharon are at the estate to share Rey’s plan with her and Devon. Keep texting Mariah so whoever took her doesn’t know they’re suspicious – lull the abductor into a false sense of security and buy time until Rey rescues her.

At least whoever abducted us is taking good care of us – we have a comfortable bed, healthy meals, prenatal vitamins. It’s gotta be about money. Maybe Sharon and Abby have been asked to pay a ransom. You are a Chancellor, Newman Abbott after all – you’re worth a fortune. But what’s taking so long? None of this makes sense.