Thursday, August 19th, 2021

Back from dealing with a situation at his son’s facility in Iowa, Ben’s at the estate to ask Abby and Tessa what’s going on with Mariah – has she stopped communicating altogether? Someone’s communicating with us but we’re not sure it’s Mariah, Tessa explains.

Devon’s summoned the ‘retired’ PI (who helped Amanda) to look into something for him – a friend who’s a surrogate for another friend of his has gone missing.

Mariah continues to talk out loud – she’s determined to keep her promise to give Abby and Chance a happy, healthy baby and is so glad Bowie is here with her. You’re great company, she sniffles – you’re the only thing keeping me sane in this endless nightmare.

Running into Sally at Society, Adam isn’t sure HR would approve of his employee buying him a drink. You’re such a stickler for the rules, she jokes. But you’re rich – so you can buy your own drink. Agreeing that Sally has a bright future ahead at Newman Media, Adam will let her buy him that drink.

Mariah hasn’t made a single call or used her credit card since she left – it’s impossible to track her phone, Ben’s told. Did you get a ransom note? he asks. How long is this going to go on and what do we have to do to get Mariah back? Abby’s frustrated.

Hearing that the missing baby is connected to every powerful family in GC, the PI wonders why Devon came to her for help. You cracked a case that was cold for 30 years, Devon likes how personally she takes her cases. It’ll never sit right with the PI that Richard Neelon never got to meet his babies. Devon knows for a fact that Mariah and Abby’s families won’t mind him hiring a PI. Can you help?

At the bar, Sally and Adam bond over single Malt Scotch. Oh, will you look at that, Chloe arrives with Kevin. Yes, I warned Sally about Adam – twice; apparently, I didn’t get my point across, she fumes.

Since no ransom has been demanded, the PI wonders if one of Abby’s fans or someone connected to Chance’s work could be responsible – or maybe Mariah changed her mind about giving the baby up? Devon doesn’t think so – I’m the donor, he confides. The PI will do anything she can to help.

Mariah chides Bowie for throwing an elbow – are you hungry? There’s not much I can do about that. You and I are a lot alike; both trapped in a small space, dependent on someone for food – no way to communicate. Our families must be so worried about us. Nobody’s seen us in weeks, except for the lunatic who was watching us. Why didn’t someone come to uncover the camera? Whoever’s keeping us here doesn’t want me to see them – maybe they plan on letting us go. Please God, let it be soon.

Ben agrees with Abby – whoever kidnapped Mariah isn’t after money. But have you thought about offering a reward? Rey thinks it best to hold off; not let the kidnapper know we’re on to them. After Tessa leaves to go see Sharon, Abby can’t think of anything Ben can do – but she really appreciates his support. Rey? she trusts him implicitly; he’s a dedicated detective who happens to be Mariah’s stepdad.

Ignoring Kevin, Chloe marches over to comment that Adam and Sally are putting in long hours – I’d hate to be left out of a meeting about the fashion platform I’m in charge of. Relax, we aren’t talking about business, Adam thanks Sally for the drink and leaves. What are you doing? Chloe’s left to berate Sally – did you not hear anything I said to you about him?

As Kevin frowns in the background, Chloe gripes about Sally not taking her seriously. That wasn’t harmless chit-chat – that was flirting. You’re falling for Adam’s great guy act – he’s not a great guy – THIS is a great guy (gestures to Kevin) Sally did hear Chloe’s warning but you said everyone deserves a second chance. Chloe meant people like us, people who have a heart – not the town sociopath. Adam put my streetsmart BFF in a mental hospital. Kevin chimes in to agree – when Adam’s done with someone they don’t even recognize themselves. We’re going to use Adam but we can’t let our guard down around him, Chloe asserts. Those who do live to regret it. Kevin’s in full agreement.