Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

In the same drab tracksuit that matches her drab room, Mariah rubs ‘Bowie’ – that wasn’t a contraction, I likely pulled something working out. On cue, she feels another pain.

At the estate, Team Mariah waits for Rey to bring back news on security footage at the convenience store. Sharon’s sure he’s doing everything he can. Devon agrees – we need to be patient. When Abby again praises Ben’s sharp eye, Devon can no longer hide his suspicion – if you were staying at the GCAC what were you doing at a store on 4th street? he asks Ben.

Gloria’s glad that Lauren agreed to meet her for a follow up meeting – I may have been a smidge aggressive. When Kevin and Chloe arrive, Gloria shoos them off – we’re having a business meeting. Taking a table, Chloe’s amused when Kevin updates that Glo wants to run JCV. Ah, that’s why she was pumping Sally for info on the young demographic.

Lauren’s willing to hear Gloria out – convince me why you’re the best candidate for the job.

Bursting into Jack’s place, Phyllis appreciates him delivering her gift to Summer. She’s pleased to hear that Harrison settled in well, but not so happy to hear that Summer’s ‘shining’ at Marchetti.

Phyllis knows she should be happier but why can’t Jack admit that he’s sad too? OK, it is a lot harder than he’s letting on – but he won’t wallow. Come with me, he extends his hand.

Gloria’s done her research and can anticipate trends; beat the competition to the punch – she’ll make intelligent decisions followed by quick action. The demographic we’re going after cares; our clothes will be socially conscious and environmentally friendly. You’ve really done your homework, Lauren’s admittedly impressed. But no, it’s not time to celebrate.

Kevin and Chloe are amused – Lauren and Gloria are both a force of nature. They then worry about Mariah and the baby.

Yes, Abby remembers going to look at apartments with Ben. Well, after they parted ways, he was feeling nostalgic so went to a spot by the pond they used to go to (Abby remembers the spot). He stopped to grab some snacks for the drive out of town. Devon thinks the timing was lucky. Not lucky enough, Ben wishes he’d put it together before now. Abby’s grateful he provided a lead that might bring Mariah home.

Tessa and Sharon go to the kitchen to get a drink, Devon goes to the study to return some calls. Ben hopes he didn’t make Abby feel uncomfortable when he mentioned ‘our’ pond. She turns to give him a guilty pout.

Can Gloria think of any aspect of JCV that needs improving? Yes, Glo would focus on accessories; hire a designer to create a signature piece. Bold, bright pieces. Women starting out might not be able to afford a JCV ensamble but they can afford jewelry to make an outfit pop. Again, Lauren’s impressed. Let’s give it a try. Moved to tears, Glo will go back to the office to wrap up her assistant duties, then dive right in as interim President of JCV.

At home, Ashland tells Vikki that he got a call from someone who used to work at his music division. He’s been getting calls from reporters. Vikki has a list of suspects; Billy, Adam, Victor. Ashland wouldn’t want Vikki to hear anything about his life second hand. When he was young, an older woman mentored him -after she died, he bought two of her TV stations to start his media empire. Vikki appreciates him telling her the truth.