Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

Mariah pleads directly to the camera mounted above her door. Please, for the love of God, save this baby!

Victor’s at the estate to update Abby that his security team is working with the GCPD. Abby’s shaken up by Devon’s theory – I don’t know what to believe.

At the penthouse, Devon shares the convenience store lead with the PI he hired. She senses skepticism. Yes, Devon’s concerned about Abby’s ex.

Kevin and Rey watch the surveillance footage in the middle of CL’s (where else to conduct a sensitive investigation?!) Here’s Stitch – but no elderly man yet. Uh oh – Kevin pushes keys rapidly – the footage has disappeared!

In the park, Tessa and Sharon bond over their mutual worry. Mariah has to get through this.

‘The contractions are getting stronger’, Mariah’s terrified of giving birth alone. I hear you little man – you want out. Just relax. Ohhhhh, she grimaces in pain.

Tessa and Sharon continue to weep and reminisce in the park, hoping Mariah can feel how much they love her.

Kevin determines that there’s a gap of 1 minute and 37-seconds missing. There’s the old man Stitch described. But his cart is empty when Stitch checks out – so, there’s no way he could see what the old man bought. Rey now suspects he made the whole story up.

Abby doesn’t know what to believe – Stitch has been so supportive; a Godsend. But, looking back on things, she wonders if Devon’s right. Victor recalls feeling the need to remind Ben that Abby was happily married. Gasp – could Stitch have something to do with Mariah’s disappearance?!

Devon lists reasons he suspects Stitch – ending with his lie about coming back to GC to be Chief of Surgery. The PI will look into this Ben Stitch Rayburn. She’s learned never to ignore gut feelings.

Abby only knows that Stitch was working as a doctor in Iowa and that his son’s condition deteriorated. What would his motive be? There’s been no ransom demand. Victor wonders if it’s revenge for leaving him. Abby’s increasingly distraught over what Mariah may be going through.

Mariah talks through her tears about how much she loves this baby – and she protects the people she loves (with her life)

Kevin doesn’t believe Stitch took Mariah – he’s a doctor. Doctors can commit crimes, Rey points out. Kevin gets a text – the IT team finally got a location on Mariah’s phone!

Tessa will never forgive whoever’s holding Mariah captive – I hope they get what’s coming to them.