Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Faith tells her Mom that she’s excited to go back to school – and to go meet Moses. One more thing, have you heard from Mariah lately? She needed a break and will be home soon, Sharon’s sure. After Faith leaves CL’s, Sharon tells Rey she’s not sure how much longer she can keep this up.

At home, Abby ends a call to tell Ben that her Dad’s security team has no leads on Mariah – neither does Rey. She appreciates Ben’s concern for her, but it’s Mariah and the baby we need to worry about.

Mariah does some exercises – sorry Bowie but we need to keep in shape. If that door opens so much as a crack we’re making a run for it.

Moses is upstairs when Nate drops by Devon’s to touch base. He’s a bit disappointed that Moses won’t be going into medicine but knows he has another career path and another great mentor in Devon. We did a good job and so did Sofia. Moses appears to ask that they don’t invite his Mom to come to GC – she’ll want me to go back to NY with her.

Traci’s at the house to chat to Jack about Harrison, Summer and how hard it’ll be for Ashland (and Tara) And you – Traci knows Jack misses Harrison; Ashland’s not the only one who’s made sacrifices.

At ChanceCom, Billy’s determined to find something on Ashland that will stop Vikki from marrying him. If he prevents her from dodging a bullet, she’ll be in his debt forever. Oh yeah, dream on, Lily scoffs.

Back at the penthouse, Moses admits he’s dodged his Mom’s calls because he doesn’t want to tell her he’s not going into medicine (the reason he came to GC) No worries, Devon will talk to Sofia. Teased about being an Internet celebrity, Nate has other business to attend to – filling a gap that just opened up.

Offering a distraught Abby encouragement, Ben picks up a maternity/protein bar. They’re Mariah’s favourite, Abby always keeps some in her purse for her. Ben’s seen one of these before. No, not at the hospital; I might have a lead!

In her room, Mariah unwraps and eats the same bar.

Abby calls Sharon – you and Rey need to come to the house – IMMEDIATELY.

Are you OK? No offence but you look exhausted, Amanda stops by Elena’s table at CL’s. Elena has to be back at work in less than eight hours. Somehow, her name keeps coming up at the top of the assignment list. Amanda knows why – Nate told her the surgeons all like working with Elena. Amanda’s joke that if she wants time off she’ll need to be horrible at her job makes Elena chuckle.

Sorry that Jack’s missing Harrison, Traci offers a distraction – take a look at what I’m working on; a fictional account of Dina’s early days in Paris high society. Jack reluctantly agrees to read the first four or five pages but soon becomes so engrossed that he’s still reading when Traci comes down dressed to go out to lunch. But first, a weepy hug.

Faith joins Moses in the park (where he’s listening to Tiger Lily on his earbuds) She gives him a pop quiz – Tuesday, May 4th – what happened on that day? We played chess in the hospital. Correct. Faith will only kiss someone who cares enough to remember important times together. But no pressure.