Thursday, August 26th, 2021

In Ben’s suite, Devon calls Mariah’s phone again. Now wearing latex gloves, Rey retrieves it from the duffle bag. As usual, Victor states the obvious – Stitch is the one who kidnapped Mariah. We need to find Mariah and make sure Abby’s not in danger.

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Mariah? Why would I know where she is? Ben’s astounded. Quickly/discreetly declining a call from her Dad, Abby begs Ben not to leave – stay, even if to tell me how wrong I am.

If Mariah could see us now, Sharon and Tessa chuckle at CL’s. Sharon then reads Rey’s texts – Mariah’s phone was found in Stitch’s room at TGP!

That one was really strong, Mariah pants and chatters to the baby who’s on his way. There’s still time for the lunatic who took us to do the right thing – take me to a hospital!! Maybe they went to get help – someone will be here any minute, she tries to convince herself.

Ben’s stunned – how could you accuse me of something so horrible? Abby wants to help him – you’ve lost so much. Going through a hard time is nothing to be ashamed of. Mariah went missing right after you came to town – you didn’t have a job at GCM, she gently explains. When his phone pings, Ben sees that it’s Devon – wait, does he think I did this too??

Still in Ben’s suite, Rey calls in an APB. Devon leaves a message for Stitch saying he wants to brainstorm ways to help Abby. Why would he kidnap Mariah? Rey wonders. Victor and Devon share the story of Max tripping Abby – resulting in her miscarriage and being unable to carry any more babies. Rey’s seen this type of scenario before – Ben wants to save the day (which means Mariah might be OK)

Mariah’s friends are worried about her, Abby implores – look what she’s doing for me. People want to do nice things for you – because you’re a bright light in a dark world, Ben says. Abby encourages him to keep talking – you came for redemption. Ben’s not sure she can understand; GC is her home – to him, it’s a place he once had hope. I didn’t protect you, he starts to cry. Abby doesn’t blame him.

As instructed by Rey, Sharon and Tessa wait impatiently for news. Sharon finds it hard to believe that Stitch did this. He was there when we talked about tricking the kidnapper, Tessa reminds – if it’s him, he was one step ahead because we told him our plan.

As Victor ends another call, Rey asks him not to be a hero – if your team finds Stitch let me know. Same goes for you – tell me if the GCPD finds the bastard first, Victor points his finger and leaves. Devon rejoins Rey to update that his PI learned that Stitch wasn’t in Iowa. Suspecting he never left GC, Rey will run a search on Ben’s credit card. Kevin calls to say he was able to retrieve a glitch-free copy of the surveillance footage.

In bed, Mariah reassures herself – women have been doing do-it-yourself childbirth for thousands of years, before there were doctors and hospitals. We have towels, hot water (though she’s not sure what it’s for) If anyone’s listening, please help us, her tearful plea gives way to a low groan.

Abby’s sorry that Ben’s been so unhappy. It would drive anyone to do desperate things. Unforgivable things, Ben adds. No – Abby knows he’s a good man. You always comforted me and told me that Mariah was OK and would come home – because you knew that was true. Yes, but he didn’t mean for it to get this far. I was going to let her go, Ben shakes his head – what was I thinking? Will you take me to Mariah and the baby? Abby asks.