Friday, August 27th, 2021

At Memorial, Nate declared the baby perfectly healthy. After he leaves, a bewildered Mariah asks Abby and Devon why Stitch would do that to her.

In the hallway Rey tells Victor that they just missed Stitch (now nowhere to be seen)

At Society, Chloe turns her tablet around so Sally can blather on and on about how much she loves Chelsea 2.0. Chelsea finally shuts her down by saying she’s not even sure she’s taking the job (unwelcome news to Chloe)

At TGP, Phyllis is sorry to have missed lunch with Nick and irritated that Sally tried to make him jealous. Nick has to ask – if I wasn’t in the picture would be with Jack?

The question is hypothetical and pointless. Phyllis loves Nick (who doesn’t look convinced)

Chelsea’s on a videochat with Adam. After a brief mention of Conner, she expresses doubt about working with Sally; a master manipulator. Adam assures her that his eyes are wide open.

Stitch is a doctor – Mariah can’ believe he let her go into labour alone and wants him locked up! The cops will find him, Abby and Devon are shooed out so Sharon and Tessa can visit.

** I moved this weekend. Havent found my laptop yet so did this on my phone. Ugh.

Nick’s apology is accepted and Phyllis won’t stop him from meddling in Vikki and Ashland’s business (given her own meddling)

Victor calls Nick to update that Mariah and the baby are safe and sound.

In the waiting room, Devon feels so connected to the baby – and reminded of his time with Hilary.

Sharon leaves the weepy reunion so Tessa can promise Mariah she’ll never let her go again ~hug~

In the waiting room, Victor gives Abby a large Fenmore’s bag the contains a small teddy bear. He hopes to get a visit soon.

Devon now joins Abby – did we really just do that!? Both are relieved and proud to have found Mariah.

Nate tells Elena that Devon has a profound connection to the baby. And though he downplays his role, Elena’s proud of Nate.

Phyllis marches in to Society to give Sally her first and final warning; stay away from my man. Haven’t you had enough? (Of being taken down ny Phyllis) I’m still here aren’t I? Sally’s cockiness results in more warnings.