Monday, August 30th, 2021

At the penthouse, Amanda praises Devon as a hero – and now a…. No, that’s not right, Devon firmly states that Abby is the Mother and Chance is the Father.

At the hospital, Mariah awakens to shout at Abby – where’s the baby!?

Relieved that things turned out well for Mariah and Abby, Victor excuses himself to take a call as Billy arrives at Society to tell Nick that it’s good that he’s protective of Abby – but it’s his other sister who needs help.

Meanwhile, Vikki’s giving Lily an earful at ChanceCom. You used to be strong and independent. Now, you’re letting Billy do whatever he wants (digging into Ashland’s past)

Ashland’s about to collapse when Nate rushes in from the patio to insist on getting him home safely.

Billy and I run ChanceCom as a partnership – and we pursue news, Lily points out. You’ve changed, Vikki obviously disapproves of a dying man being dragged through the mud. And, it’s about me, not the kids she’s sure. Am I early? Elena apologizes for interrupting.

Taking a seat across from Nick, Billy wonders how Ashland, barely in his 20’s, was able to buy two stations from his dead mentor. Guessing this isn’t news to Nick, Billy assumes they’re investigating Ashland’s past too. Nick suggests Billy vacate his Dad’s chair.

Abby reassures Mariah that the baby’s safe in the nursery. I was all alone except for Bowie, Mariah mopes. What happened is all my fault, Abby blurts out.

Abby explains how Stitch duped her to play hero and earn her gratitude (because his life hasn’t been going well) HE’S the only one to blame, Mariah lists everyone Stitch hurt.

Devon agrees with Amanda that he feels connected to the baby; something he’s never felt before. She’s proud of her humble hero (who’s heading back to GCM to check in on everyone)

Back at ChanceCom, Lily stuns Elena with the news that Nate’s stepping down from his role at AskMDNow and that he recommended her as his replacement. Elena doesn’t know what to say. Say ‘yes’, Lily laughs.

Claiming that he could have gotten himself home, Ashland hopes Nate will be discreet. Of course, and he has some supplements that might help. Chemo’s tough. Yes, Ashland agrees.

Lily believes (as does Nate) that Elena would be perfect as the face of AskMDNow. Elena’s so surprised she needs some time to think it over.