Friday, September 10th, 2021

At the counter, Sally recalls Sharon running Restless Style – do you miss fashion? No – Sharon has a masters degree in psychology. Her life’s full; she’s content. You have it all – including a handsome husband. Sally comments. Adam arrives, to send Sally on her way – Chloe’s looking for you. How’s she working out? Sally seems like a handful to Sharon.

Having read Victor’s biography, Ashland knows that he was raised in an orphanage etc. His own parents were well-meaning people but his biography would have a boring start. That was then, this is now. Vikki’s taught Ashland to live in the moment – he never looks back. You don’t think our early experiences make us who we are today? Victor probes.

Still at Society, Vikki will have to call ALL the media in on this big story – Ashland Locke doesn’t have a birth certificate! Maybe he’s an alien from Mars. Everything was on paper back then – maybe it’s just lost. That’s what Lily said, Billy informs. Vikki knew she was smart – what’s she doing with you? You better not be saying anything negative about Ashland to our kids. Keep this up and you’ll see what I’m capable of! Vikki storms out.

Phyllis shows Nick photos of wedding dresses on her phone. She’ll give him a fashion show later. Sounds fun, Nick says without enthusiasm.

Jack’s delighted to run into Abby at the park. Dominic’s a miracle. Sorry to hear that she hasn’t been in touch with Chance, he offers to use his connections. Abby appreciates the offer but if Chris can’t find Chance no one can. He doesn’t even know he’s a Father. Dominic has plenty of love though, she adds.

No, of course Mariah doesn’t blame Abby but she’s terrified Stitch will come back. He’s a wanted fugitive, Tessa reminds – and Chance should be home soon. Mariah wants to be brave but feels she used up all her bravery in that room. Brought to tears too, Tessa suggests a getaway. No, Mariah needs some time alone (and walks out the front door without further word)

Meanwhile, back in the hotel lobby, Phyllis wonders what’s distracting Nick. He’s content with all the fun and flirtation they have going on – but it’s not all we have, right? No, we have love, Phyllis thinks they don’t have to work hard anymore because of all they’ve been through. She feels lucky and grateful. Rounding the corner to see them holding hands, Jack exits with his tail between his legs.

At Newman Media, Chloe will have Adam sign off on the numbers. Sally just left him at CL’s – with Sharon. They were involved once, right? You have a thing for Adam don’t you? No, Sally was just curious. Yes, Sharon and Adam have a profound connection; it’s what pushed Chelsea over the edge. Chloe knows that Adam will never get Sharon out of his system.

Adam’s amused by Sharon’s take on Sally. She has an obvious crush on you – and it’s not Sharon’s imagination. It wouldn’t matter anyway, Adam’s focused on work and his son – he doesn’t need another complicated woman. But really, I’m the problem. I failed with you and Chelsea. I’m fine being alone. Sharon approves.

Bringing Dominic home, Abby claims he’s so curious about his new environment. Tessa tells her that Mariah’s scared – she misses Dominic; she’s struggling. You’ve seen it too and it’s getting worse. Abby loves and appreciates Mariah – there must be something we can do to help her through this. Unseen, Mariah’s come through the front door to overhear.

No sooner has Vikki come home to sit with a huff, Ashland arrives to ask if she’s OK. Billy’s convinced you’re hiding something in your past because he can’t find documentation. Ashland receives another text – you’ll regret ignoring me. Billy’s not wrong – there’s something you need to know.