Monday, September 13th, 2021

When Billy stops by the Abbott mansion, Jack fills him in on Kyle and Summer’s upcoming wedding and invites him to hitch a ride on the company jet. Naw, Billy doubts they’d want him there; plus, he’s busy with ChanceCom. As for Vikki’s wedding, he’s convinced it’s a terrible mistake.

Nick drops by Newman Media to ask Victor what his investigation has turned up. Nothing – and that’s just it; there’s no info on Ashland’s early life – and he didn’t divulge any details when summoned to the ranch for a chat.

At the house, Vikki asks Ashland to tell her everything – don’t hold back. He confides that he covered up his past so that no one would find out where he came from.

Abby’s gathered Tessa, Mariah and Devon in her living room for a ‘family meeting’. She’s planning Dominic’s baptism and wants Mariah and Devon to be his Godparents.

Devon would be honoured. Mariah would be too (though asks what it entails) It’s a promise before God, family and friends to guide Dominic through his life. Abby’s next step is to choose a nanny. You’d hire Instead of asking one of us to babysit? Mariah’s alarmed.

Nick suggests Ashland might be hiding something he’s ashamed of. Is investigating him the moral thing to do? Victor protecting his daughter is the moral thing to do.

Billy doesn’t agree with Jack that Ashland’s like Victor (who never misses a chance to boast about how he came from nothing) Yes, Vikki wants him to back off but Billy must protect his kids. Ashland will only be in their lives for a few months – Vikki will be in your life forever; is it really worth it? Jack asks.

Not sure where to start, Ashland’s always lied by saying he came from an ordinary family. My Father was abusive and spent all his money on alcohol. Ashland left home when he was 16 and never looked back.

Running into Nick at CL’s, Jack can see that something’s troubling him and looks extremely uncomfortable when asked for his opinion on whether Nick and Phyllis seem like a ‘good fit’.

No need to worry, Abby’s fully vetting her nanny choices and will hire something they all love. Mariah’s happy to pitch in when Abby needs help. You and Tessa will eventually move out and you have a job at Jabot – Abby declares this best for everyone. Mariah had little choice but to politely thank Abby for including her.

Ashland moved around a lot; did what he had to do to survive. He changed his name and made sure his parents wouldn’t find him.

Billy’s now at Society to schmooze with Nikki, Not having it, she knows he doesn’t care how the wedding plans are coming along and that he’d love to blow it out of the water.

Abby and Devon are left to chat about Mariah’s reaction and how she’s doing in general. Devon understands why she’d still be scared. Abby thought being asked to be Godmother would perk her up. Wanting everything to be perfect, she asks ‘how do I fix this’??

In the park, Tessa asks Mariah what’s bothering her. Not considered worthy of babysitting Dominic, she feels being asked to be his Godmother is Abby throwing her a bone. I overheard you tell her that I’m a mess and getting worse by the minute.