Friday, September 10th, 2021

Seconds after Nick goes to the gym to check out the new treadmill, Phyllis greets Jack – what brings you by? Jack’s surprised she has to ask – he’s there to apologize.

As Ashland rereads his ‘You’re a hard man to keep track of’ text, Victor joins him in the living room. He thought they should get to know each other better. Ashland’s surprised business is off the table. Well, maybe we’ll surprise each other today, Victor’s smile is more of a grimace.

Billy accosts Vikki at Society to ask why Nate was invited to the big Tuscany wedding (while his invitation hasn’t arrived yet) Accused of always digging for dirt on Ashland, Billy will stop – when she tells him the dirt on Ashland.

Can I help you with that? Mariah asks as Abby fiddles with the stroller. I’ve got it, she says a bit rudely – but is all smiles as she wheels Dominic out for a walk in the park. Tessa comes down to find Mariah wearing her usual pout. Oh honey, what happened? she asks.

On a video chat with Chelsea, Adam wants to tell Connor that they’ve split up. Now? Things are still up in the air, Chelsea thought things would get better in time.

Rey stopped by CL’s on his break to surprise Sharon but was surprised himself to hear that she’d stepped out. Did you have an errand? No, something Sharon felt she needed to do – I went to see Adam.

Back at Newman Media, Chelsea (still on video chat) thinks they should try again for Connor’s sake. Adam reminds that she wanted him out of her life so badly that she was willing to send him to prison.

Why go see Adam? He wanted Sharon’s advice on what to say to Connor (at your urging) Rey loves that Sharon’s always so willing to help – but will Adam ever be out of our life? And now he’s going back to the station in a bad mood – see you tonight. As usual, Sally listens with great interest.

Billy wonders how Ashland and Nate came to be BFF’s. For one, Ashland’s donating to the hospital. Vikki’s annoyed and tired of Billy’s fishing expedition.

Taking a seat in the lobby, Phyllis assures Jack that he didn’t make her feel uncomfortable and shouldn’t apologize for speaking his truth. To be clear, Jack’s not apologizing for his words – he meant everything he said last night. Nick appears – am I interrupting? He has good news – it’s time to make travel plans for Summer and Kyle’s wedding. Another wedding in Italy. There’s a lot of love in the air, Nick’s words hang heavy in the air.

Mariah got really sad when seeing Abby walk out the door with Dominic. She can’t explain why. Tessa thinks that natural after what she went through. Abby’s history with Stitch is why she needed a surrogate in the first place, Mariah adds. You’re not blaming Abby (for what Stitch did) are you? Tessa asks.

How’s chemo going? Victor asks. Rough but Ashland’s feeling stronger and thinks it’s helping. Victor then asks Ashland how it all started, claiming he’s always been fascinated with how successful businessmen started their careers.

Maybe Billy IS fishing a little bit – but he wonders why there’s no birth certificate or death certificate for Ashland’s parents. It’s a bit weird.

Chelsea agrees they need to talk to Connor but we have to do this the right way – wait til I come home, we’ll talk to him together. Anita fell again so it’s hard to say when Chelsea will be home. Not wanting to wait, Adam will deal with this himself. Bring Connor here, Chelsea pleads. Adam denies he’s being cruel, he’s doing what’s best for their son. Frustrated, he slaps the tablet face down on his desk.