Thursday, September 9th, 2021

A giggly Sharon shows up at Adam’s office – to apologize for sending him away when he came for advice. Mariah was pretty upset when she saw you. Adam understands why she lashed out – I probably had it coming. Again, Sharon’s sorry she wasn’t there for Adam when he came to her for help – but I am now.

Vikki’s impressed when Ashland serves her coffee just the way she likes it. She has a breakfast meeting with her Mom to go over wedding details. Ashland’s got paperwork – then a videocall with Harrison. He feels pretty good (thanks to Nate’s supplements) but blames chemo fog for not telling her something about last night.

After sleeping in, Nate and Elena are downstairs in the coffee shop – their first date was nice while it lasted and both enjoyed last night’s double date with Vikki and Ashland. You’re his best man – who saw that coming? Not Nate – it seems a bit weird. Why me?

Declaring it time to head out to work, Lily wonders why Billy’s been staring at his phone all morning. He’s hoping his investigator will find info on Ashland’s mentor (and how he managed to buy those two news stations) Nothing yet – but Billy has learned something disturbing.

Adam’s glad Sharon changed her mind – you’ve worked with Connor and know my history with Chelsea. Sharon has a few questions – do you and Chelsea have the same expectations? Not really, Adam admits. You need to have those answers before you talk to Connor, Sharon expects he’ll want to know if there’s any hope for his parents to stay together – is it really over?

Elena doesn’t think Ashland’s request is that strange. He just went through a divorce and moved. Maybe he’s choosing someone connected to Vikki as a symbolic gesture. Plus, you showed him compassion the other day. Soooo, are you gonna be his best man? Nate’s thinking about it.

Ashland explains that he didn’t want to ask anyone from his oast life to be his best man. And Victor will be busy walking the bride down the aisle. Vikki approves of his choice.

Billy’s disturbing news is that the investigators weren’t able to find anything about Ashland’s history – it’s been ‘scrubbed’. No death certificates for his parents, no birth certificate for Ashland. It’s like the Locke family never existed. Lily’s underwhelmed.

Things are over with Chelsea, and Adam’s been clear with her on that (though he does sense that she’d like to give in another shot) Too much damage has been done – but, we both want to do right by Connor. Sharon suggests a family meeting – he has to know that his parents aren’t getting back together. Adam needs to do it in person – on his own.

Being Ashland’s best man is a big deal but Nate’s not ready to say yes. We’re definitely going to Tuscany either way. Nate jokes that the last time he went to Italy, he ate them out of pasta. He’s happy to support Ashland and Vikki – and to be spending time with Elena in the most romantic place on earth.

Lily admits that the lack of birth/death certificates is intriguing. Billy reminds that (in comparison) Victor told everyone that he grew up in an orphanage. No, Lily doesn’t want him to give up – but know that it might lead to nowhere.

Ashland moved his entire life from NY but doesn’t miss any of his prior relationships and he didn’t have much in common with Tara’s friends. Nate wanting nothing from him and giving him good advice left an impression on Ashland. He’d like Nate at his side when they get married. Ding Dong – who could that be? Vikki wonders. Not who – what, Ashland goes to answer the door.

Lily scolds Billy for continuing to check his phone as they arrive at CL’s to join Nate and Elena. He’s super psyched about Elena taking over at AskMDNow. Soon, it’ll be ‘Nate who’? they joke. Let’s all get together for dinner soon. We’re so popular, Elena quips. Oh? Hearing that she and Nate had a good night out with Vikki and Ashland, Billy wonders if they have any details to share.

Ashland and Vikki unpack his early wedding gift to her; a portrait of herself. It’s to replace the one of Victor (that’s been moved to the board room,) and will exemplify ‘the changing of the guard’. Vikki loves it even more when she recognizes the famous artist who painted it.