Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

Now home from the ‘stressful family meeting’, Vikki’s impressed that Ashland answered their questions. You’ll need your family’s support for the wedding (and after I die) he knows. The family sees you the way I do – strong and resilient, Vikki believes – they know how much you love me. As for Billy – his opinion doesn’t matter. Ashland’s sure he’s jealous – he doesn’t want anyone taking his place in your life.

Nikki comes back from a meeting to wonder if Victor’s really OK with Vikki marrying a man who won’t tell them his real name. Ashland’s story is similar to mine, Victor’s changed his tune and now empathizes.

Billy has no lingering romantic interest in me, he’s stubborn and hates to be wrong, Vikki doubts he’ll back off. He’ll keep turning over rocks until he finds something. It’s the addict in him. Ashland regrets inviting him to the family meeting – he wants to talk to Billy one on one.

At ChanceCom, Billy ends a call with a reporter/investigator working on the case. He left the ranch with more questions than answers. Ashland Locke told us there is no Ashland Locke, he tells Lily.

Vikki doesn’t think it a good idea for Ashland to confront Billy – it’ll only encourage him; he’ll think he’s forcing your hand. You should be planning a wedding, Ashland doesn’t think this fair to her. Vikki will call Nate and Elena to make dinner plans. No, Ashland needs to correct his error and put Billy in his place – he won’t walk away thinking he’s in control this time. Vikki’s left looking worried.

Is it a good idea for Vikki to marry a man who hasn’t been fully transparent with us? Nikki’s not sold. They love each other – Victor reminds that Ashland chose to undergo chemotherapy to have more time with Vikki. He’s better than the last guy she was with. Billy Boy Abbot never accomplished a damn thing, Victor declares Ashland more of a man (when he was a boy) than Billy will ever be.

Ashland ran away from an abusive Father and no one found out the full story, Lily’s surprised. Billy’s gut tells him there’s more to uncover. Ashland’s story matches Victor’s too closely, You think he made up the story to play on their sympathy? Lily suggests the story may be true and we’re hounding a dying man for no good reason.

Elena needs to go home and get to bed before she falls asleep. She declines Nate’s offer of dinner or a movie later. She needs more than a nap. Sweet dreams – enjoy your lunch, she leaves Nate disappointed.

Nick drops by the house to see how Vikki is. She’s annoyed with Billy acting like a brat. Ashland went to find him. That won’t go well, Nick also assumes it must be troubling for Vikki to learn that the man she loves has a history she knows nothing about. Vikki does indeed look troubled.

Billy’s not harassing Ashland – he’s discreetly looking into his past. If there’s nothing there we’ll walk away. But, his gut tells him there’s more. Lily’s not sure there’s anything there. Ashland’s childhood should be private (she again mentions that he’s dying) If anyone other than Vikki was with Ashland would you care this much?! No – he wouldn’t care one bit, Ashland appears to answer.