Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

Ashland tells the Newmans (and Billy) the same story he told Vikki. He lied when telling reporters that Ian and Mary Locke were nurturing and supportive parents who died young. When he begins to experience what appears to be a panic attack, Vikki steps in to scold everyone. Victor hopes Ashland understands why he’s so protective of Vikki. Billy thinks it a touching story – but is sure there’s more (as do the Newmans)

Elena’s sorry she’s late in meeting Lily at Society. She’s wiped out after an exhausting double shift at Memorial but eager to discuss AskMDNow.

Moses ends a call with his Mom as Devon comes downstairs. He’s thrilled to hear that Sofia’s letting him stay in GC and is happy that he’ll be working at Hamilton Winters. Devon correctly guesses that Moses left out the part that he’ll be working in the music division.

Ashland will answer any questions they have – for Vikki. Victor cuts Billy’s question off to ask one of his own – what happened to your parents?

Moses will tell his Mom when the time’s right. Agreeing that Neil would be happy that they’re working together, Devon sends Moses off to share his exciting news with Faith.

At CL’s, Nate greets his favourite patient. She’s working to pay off her fine and vows to make good use of her second chance (and new liver) Yes, she’s been spending a lot of time with Moses – he’s the best. Nate’s not disappointed that he won’t be a doctor and won’t reveal any details on the surprise date Moses is planning.

Ashland was angry at his Mother for not protecting him as a 90 lb child so cut all ties – he wanted nothing to do with his parents. They never reached out to you? Billy asks. No – and he didn’t reach out to them. It’s too late now – they died. Where are they buried and what name is on the headstone? Billy’s relentless. Ashland won’t reveal that information.

Back at Society, Lily talks to Elena about Mattie going to Stanford and moving into a new apartment in California. She’s overwhelmed by having to choose her career. If she has any questions about med school, Elena’s happy to answer them.

Ashland has no desire to see his parents dragged through the mud. After Vikki stands to defend her fiance, he insists there’s nothing illegal or nefarious in his early career either. Tell us who you really are – or Billy will find out himself!

Ashland makes me feel respected, Vikki barks at Billy (who continues to demand answers) Victor bellows – don’t raise your voice to our guest! He’s decided to support his daughter. Vikki appreciates that and hopes they can all let it go and move forward.

Faith’s ecstatic to hear that Moses is allowed to stay in GC. Nate was in earlier but didn’t give away any details of the special date. The suspense is killing me! she’s impatient.

Lily tells Elena that she got in trouble due to the Internet when she was young so can’t imagine how bad it is now. When Nate arrives at Society, Lily scolds the Chief of Surgery for working Elena too hard. It’s a bit awkward being the boss’s girlfriend, she admits.