Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

Is everything OK? Nate approaches Ashland at Society’s bar to ask. He talks about his ‘full disclosure’ meeting with the Newmans. Nate would be honoured to accept the role of best man. The honour’s all mine, Ashland shakes his hand.

Adam tells Connor that he and Sharon were involved years ago but are just friends now (something your Mom’s struggled with) That’s not why we’re breaking up. Connor blames Sharon – you both broke my Mom’s heart. Leave me alone! he escapes via the patio; Adam calls out his name as he follows.

Having run all the way to the park, Connor gasps for air and nearly collapses on a bench. Sally just so happens to be jogging by and spots the kid who looks like Adam. Confirming that it’s Connor, she sits to text Adam. ‘I won’t let him go anywhere’.

Declaring the talk over, Vikki asks Nick to promise he’ll not betray her confidence. And when Ashland comes in to raise his voice – wanting to end this crap, Nick points out that he’s calm – the person most concerned about Ashland’s past is Ashland (he leaves)

Billy’s seated at Lily’s desk flashing back to their argument when she comes in to ask how things went with Ashland. He’s terrified that whatever he’s hiding is about to be exposed. He threatened me – which means I’m on to something, Billy’s sure.

Ashland’s sorry he stormed in to ‘attack’ Vikki’s brother; Nick didn’t deserve that. He tells Vikki that he made his point with Billy too.

Lily can’t discount Billy’s suspicions and won’t ask him to stop his investigation. But you want me to, he suspects.

Nick’s now at the ranch to ask his Dad if he’s really OK with Ashland – or was that (his acceptance) all for show?

Noting that Connor looks relaxed, Sharon thinks she should leave – go talk to your son, she encourages Adam. He strolls over to thank Sally for hanging out with Connor. She learned a lot about lacrosse and was just about to ask what’s on the boy’s mind. She confides a secret – she once went to a fancy party and made someone so mad that they dumped a bucket of ice over her head. Really!? Connor perks up. Adam watches on with a smile. Seeing that she’s not needed, Sharon leaves the park looking rejected.

Now it’s Sally’s turn to lurk in the background. Adam agrees that Connor can go home and call his Mom. But first, he goes to thank Sally. He’s a cool kid – if there’s anything I can do to help …. It’s a family matter, Adam dismisses Sally and is left to frown over at Connor as he mopes on the bench.

Of course, Victor doesn’t think Ashland told them everything – but he’s decided to support the relationship because he loves Vikki. Nick reports his visit (without Vikki’s thoughts) – he’ll never trust Locke until he knows the truth.

Ashland only wants to think about Vikki – but instead looks at another text on his phone – I won’t go away because you pretend I’m not here. That was Nate, he lies – he agreed to be my best man.

Lily’s worried about Ashland retaliating – he almost brought Jabot to its knees, she reminds. Who knows how he’ll respond when crossed. Billy thinks they’re about to find out.