Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Over breakfast at Society, Lily and Billy briefly talk about the wedding in Italy and how Ashland’s threats will probably amount to nothing (just like Victors’) Don’t look now – but the guy who just arrives is the same man Billy saw with Locke last night.

Nick comes out of the shower in a towel to find a note on the door (signed with a big lipstick ‘kiss’) He furrows his unibrow to flashback to his conversation with Phyllis.

Ashland’s on the phone demanding ‘Douglas’ get him 3 million – he needs the cash to buy his bride something exquisite. Call me when it’s ready. He turns to find that Vikki’s returned to her office. I guess I wasn’t supposed to hear that, she concludes.

Unfortunate timing, Ashland hates to think he spoiled his surprise – pretend you didn’t hear that. Knowing Nikki will be there soon, he’ll leave them to talk. He loves Vikki’s independence. You’re ahead of the game. I have my moments, Vikki again tries (and fails) to find out what the call was about before Ashland escapes.

In TGP lobby, Phyllis and Nick marvel at how great they were last night. She has one more thing to say about Jack – I hope he finds his perfect match, just like we’ve done. Nick all but rolls his eyes. Don’t you think so? Phyllis stammers. Yes, of course, Nick says unconvincingly.

The meeting Billy witnessed was intense – Ashland and that man over there were ‘leaning in’. Ashland doesn’t like him (which means he may be useful to us) We need to find out who he is. I’m on it, Lily goes over to asks the hostess for to-go menus – then looks at the mans tab (conveniently left on the bar) His name is Jesse Gaines, she reports back to Billy.

Something came up, Lily gives the menus back to the hostess. Billy’s searching online for Jesse Gaines until he comes across a bio that fits. He’s from New Jersey. Hey, that’s where the stations Ashland bought decades ago were located. Maybe he works for one of them.

Phyllis wonders why Jack bared his sole to Nick without giving her so much as a heads up. She’s surprised to hear that Nick’s discussed their relationship with him. Nick has other ideas on how to spend the morning – meet me at the park. A picnic? You’ll see when you get there – wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Seated at her desk, Vikki stares at her portrait on the wall – flashing back to when Ashland gifted it to her. Bursting in for their meeting, Nikki gasps at the sight of the beautiful portrait. I wonder what your Father will think – it makes quite a statement. As it should – Newman is mine now, Vikki reminds.