Friday, September 24th, 2021

Grilling Crystal for info, Billy only learns that Jesse Gaines checked out without leaving a forwarding address. Odd that a man would just suddenly disappear. Spotting Victor, he guesses that it’s no coincidence that the man he came to meet, Jesse Gaines, is gone – and Victor’s here.

You better not be reneging on our deal! Ashland barks into his phone. Though he changes his tone as Vikki returns to her office, she can tell that someone’s in trouble. His vagueness leads her to believe he’s hiding something from her.

You just ate and you’re not wet – tell Mommy what’s the matter, Abby rocks her crying son.

Mariah comes to the suite to read a note Tessa left – she went out to pick up a few things. Unzipping her bag, Mariah pulls out a tiny blue bib – how did this get in here? Puzzled, she flashes back to giving birth and the few times she was with Bowie afterwards.

On the CL’s patio, Tessa tells Sharon that Mariah won’t be joining her; she’s taking a walk. Sharon’s eager for news on her daughter. It’s hard but she’s giving Mariah the space she asked for. Moving out (and away from the baby) is probably a good idea.

This isn’t your stomping grounds – why are you here? Billy’s question is ignored. Victor tells Crystal that if anyone’s looking for him he’ll be in the restaurant.

Vikki wants Ashland to be open with her – you can tell me if anything’s bothering you. Let’s start this conversation over – tell me – what was that call about? Who were you talking to? Nikki appears – am I interrupting?

Mariah wants to start a family but Tessa knows it’s not coming from a healthy or grounded place so asks Sharon for advice. The fantasy has lifted Mariah’s spirits but Tessa doesn’t want to make a promise she can’t keep. I don’t know what to say to her.

When Devon drops by to see how she is, Mariah assumes Abby’s also concerned about her. We’re all just figuring this out, Devon confides that he doesn’t even know what his role in Dominic’s life will be.

You’re not interrupting at all, Ashland’s impressed to hear that Nikki enlisted Leslie Brooks to play at the wedding. Despite Vikki’s best efforts, Ashland hurriedly out to make some calls. Is everything alright? Nikki’s left to ask. Of course, Vikki murmurs unconvincingly.

Tessa’s not sure she’s ready to have a baby now – and Mariah’s not either. She’s grieving and wants to fill a void, Sharon states. Anything to make the ache in her heart go away, Tessa asks if there’s any harm in letting Mariah daydream for a little longer. Sharon believes Tessa should tell Mariah how she feels. Tessa agrees but it won’t be easy.

Devon feels connected to the baby so understands why Mariah needed to move out of the estate. How are you really doing? He’ll hire security if she doesn’t feel safe. Stitch is probably long gone but Mariah would be relieved to hear he’s been found and locked up. She’s found a way to heal – but it’s just in the planning stage. Tell Abby that I’m well on the road to recovery.

Abby’s put Dominic down for a nap by the time Devon stops by. She’s loving motherhood but a little groggy from lack of sleep. When Devon announces that he asked Amanda to move in with him, Abby wants to hear all about it – but has to run upstairs when she hears Dominic crying.

Hey baby, Rey interrupts Sharon about to text someone. She wasn’t expecting to see him but is glad he’s here – I need you to save me from myself.

Their business wrapped up, Nikki tells Vikki that she can now go home to continue her talk with Ashland. You’re concerned about something, she can tell – I’m a good listener. Vikki thinks Ashland’s worried about something but won’t tell her what. Maybe Billy’s still investigating him. Nikki wouldn’t be surprised if he and other journalists are digging into Ashland’s past.

If you’re looking for Gaines he checked out, Billy assumes that’s why Ashland’s at the hotel. Victor appears to say that their table’s ready. Make that a table for three, Billy has a few questions for them both. You’re a pest, Victor chuckles.

If you two businessmen have business to conduct why not do so at Newman Media? Billy wonders. We’re more than colleagues, we’re going to be family, Ashland gloats. Victor makes a change of plan – we can have privacy at the ranch. As they leave, Billy calls out a reminder about that time Victor watched Ashland have a heart attack. Victor comes back in to tell Billy to take a long walk off a short cliff.

When Abby hands a crying Dominic over to Devon, he immediately stops crying. See? He loves the idea of going for a walk with his Godfather (while a grateful/exhausted Abby gets some rest)

Telling Mariah that she went to their old place to pick up mail, Tessa shows her the invitation to the wedding she’ll be singing at. Mariah’s excited about the trip too – but more excited to talk about having a baby. Devon will be thrilled for us, she had a hard time not telling him. Maybe he and Amanda will have a baby too! You’re getting ahead of yourself, or ahead of me, Tessa gently tells Mariah that she doesn’t want to rush this life-changing decision.

Sharon’s having a hard time keeping herself from running over to TGP to see Mariah. After talking to Tessa, she knows her daughter’s struggling. Rey thinks it good that Tessa confided in her. He has something to distract Sharon. She’s all ears.

We’re in Chancellor Park. Pushing Dominic in his stroller, Devon tells him about his great-grandma Katherine. You’re going to hear a lot of stories about her and your other family who built this town. The Abbots, Newmans, Chancellors. Winters. You’ll never question that you belong here.

At Society, Sharon notices that Rey’s wearing the shirt he bought in Miami – and isn’t this the song we danced to the last night we were there? Rey’s a detective – there are no coincidences. He lists tonight’s menu items in flawless Spanish.

Billy walks up to Vikki (and Nikki’s) table at CL’s to say that he just ran into her fiance at TGP. We had a meeting with the same guy at the same time. Ashland must have mentioned meeting Jesse Gaines, his lawyer who’s in town for only a couple of days? Able to see tell that Vikki doesn’t recognize the name, Billy’s surprised Ashland didn’t mention him.

At the ranch, Ashland appreciates Victor running interference with Billy. Victor took care of it for him. Ashland knows Billy will be a thorn in his side. Victor’s not talking about Billy, the person he took care of is Jesse Gaines. I took care of that problem. Would you care for a drink now?

Eyes closed, Sharon smells the thin strip of paper Rey waves beneath her nose. The Miami theme continues – opening her eyes she sees a bottle of perfume elegantly displayed on a silver platter. Every time you wear it you’ll remember our honeymoon in Miami, Rey’s very pleased with himself. The tastes, the sounds, the smells of Miami, Sharon gives Rey a sultry look – she’ll be wearing this perfume later, and nothing else.

Ashland and I are running a global conglomerate – do you really think we have time to give one another a rundown of everyone we speak to each day? Vikki scoffs at Billy. She doesn’t care who Jesse Gaines is. Stay away from Ashland; stay the hell out of our lives! Nikki remains silent but gives Billy the look.

Ashland explains that Jesse Gaines is an old acquaintance he recently got back in touch with – a nobody. He collected 300K a year from you for decades, Victor thinks that sounds like an extortion racquet. I offered him a lot of money to stay away from you – consider it a wedding gift. No, Gaines didn’t come to me, I sought him out, told him he had a choice, go to prison for blackmail or accept my generous offer. Victor doesn’t care what went on in Ashland’s past – we have a similar history; both of us did things we may regret but what got us to where we are today. You can’t trust Gaines to keep his word – he’ll come back for more, Ashland warns – he doesn’t know what to say. Victor clarifies that he didn’t do this for Ashland, he did this for his daughter – he wants her to continue to be happy. So does Ashland. Victor can undo what he’s done today with a blink of an eye. Ashland reiterates that all he wants to do is make Vikki happy. As long as it stays that way you have nothing to worry about, Victor raises his glass – Cheers.

My Thoughts: Really Victor? A long walk off a short cliff? Has anyone ever seen a short cliff? By definition, isn’t a cliff tall, not short? … I didn’t realize what Rey was doing at first – I wondered why he was waving a pregnancy test under Sharon’s nose … Who’s running ChanceCom while Billy’s making a ‘pest’ of himself while obsessing over Ashland’s past? Either Lily’s doing the heavy lifting or nothing really goes on at ChanceCom. Journalists are usually frantically trying to meet deadlines…. Poor Crystal – won’t someone please buy her a new dress???