Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

Sleuthing and spying is in Phyllis’ wheelhouse – good thing you have me and that I love you so much, she tells Nick. Tapping away on her laptop, she delves into Ashland’s name change 34 years ago. There’s nothing here, she’s dumbfounded to find no documentation anywhere. Something very strange is going on, Nick concludes.

Billy insists on talking to Jesse – 10 minutes, it’ll be well worth it, he promises. OK, let’s go, Jesse leads the way to the elevator.

Make the money happen – I’ll take care of the rest, Ashland ends a call as Abby strolls over to his table to greet, then join her future brother in law.

Victor drops by the office to admire Vikki’s portrait. Mom thought you might not like it. On the contrary, Victor thinks it symbolic of her new position. Hearing it was a gift from Ashland, Victor announces that he has a gift for Vikki too.

Ashland compliments Abby on everything from her wonderful restaurant to her choice of baby name. He’s enjoying their chat until Abby asks to hear his and Vikki’s love story.

In Mr Gaines’ suite, Billy announces that he found out that he took over his Father’s law practice but lost his license for malfeasance just two years later. Odd Ashland would introduce you as his lawyer. You knew that I was co-owner of ChanceCom when we met. Concerned about his kids, Billy suspects that Ashland’s hiding something – and that Jesse knows what that is.

Opening the envelope her Father’s given her, Vikki’s stunned. It’s the deed to the villa in Tuscany! Victor’s never seen his daughter so happy; he wants her and Ashland to spend many happy years visiting their home in Italy. Vikki’s moved to tears, now knowing that her Father supports her marriage to Ashland.

Back at Society, Ashland tells Abby how he chose to sell his company to Victor and Adam but felt a spark with Vikki – she makes me happy to be alive. Abby sure misses her husband and hopes Ashland and Vikki will be happy for years to come. She had reservations but can now see why Vikki fell in love with him. Abby loves her Uncle Billy but lists all Vikki had to endure while married to him. Ashland vows to cherish every minute with Vikki. Abby can see that he loves her but knows he has a reputation like her Father. Please, never lie to Vikki (like Billy did) Both have enjoyed getting to know one another. And now, Ashland has some business to attend to.

Jesse claims to be a consultant to Ashland on retainer. Or, you have an agreement with him because you’re keeping his secret. Billy’s team at ChanceCom will unearth what that is. He can offer a very lucrative financial agreement – right here, right now.

Back in her suite, Phyllis is now searching databases of a deceased Ashland Locke. It’s easy to pay somebody to look the other way, do a favour if you have enough money. Nick points out that the name change came when Ashland was young; he had no resources. Maybe Ashland became someone who wanted to disappear. Or maybe the real Ashland Locke’s dead. Phyllis has an idea.

Victor was moved by Ashland’s story, it resonated with him. He could see that his childhood was painful and admires that he became a business tycoon. Ashland’s never shared that part of his life with anyone – Vikki’s begged Billy to stop digging. He’s jealous, Victor knows he can’t stand to see Vikki happy with another man. Be careful – he’s only coming to the wedding to ruin it.