Monday, September 27th, 2021

After sending Nick a text asking for updates, Phyllis is startled when Jack arrives at the hotel as summoned. She wants to discuss him confessing to Nick what he confessed to her – why did you tell him?

At CL’s, Sally’s sketching on her tablet – this wedding dress is going to be spectacular.

In his office, Adam’s surprised to get an invitation to Vikki’s wedding.

Moses greets Amanda and her considerable set of luggage – Devon’s going to need a bigger house.

After Moses runs out to meet Faith, Amanda’s surprised when Devon comes downstairs. He cleared his schedule for her move-in date – and you’re not a roommate – this is your home, our home.

On the patio, an excited Moses is sure Faith will enjoy the date he’s planned. Alas, Faith reports that her Mom needs her help tonight (a lie she’s immediately caught in)

Jack told Nick because he had a dream. And because his confession to Phyllis was weighing on him. And because he respects Nick. Is he OK? Yes. He’s out of town and may have to meet us in Italy. Traci’s meeting her agent – are you comfortable with us flying to Milan alone? Phyllis looks terrified.

After a commercial break, Phyllis no longer looks terrified – she’d love to share a flight with Jack and apologizes for questing his motives in confessing to Nick. When Vikki comes along, Jack leaves her to face questions on why Nick took the private jet.

Faith feels ‘terrible’ when telling Moses that she’s fallen behind on her schoolwork due to sheer procrastination. Moses takes the blame – he’s been keeping her from her homework. That’s why I can’t go out with you until I’m caught up, Faith apologizes. Moses has a solution.

Running into Adam at CL’s, Jack read a complimentary article on him/Newman Media – the expansion’s going well; you’re turning things around. Adam credits Connor. Speaking of family, is Adam going to the wedding? He got an invitation but it must have been a mistake.

Vikki guesses Nick went to New Jersey because that’s where Ashland got his start. Phyllis thinks she’s transferring her suspicion to her brother instead of where it belongs – with Ashland. Vikki finds that analysis ‘ridiculous’.

Lauren arrives at TGP to say she’s sorry for being late – she literally had to rip the wedding dress from her seamstress’s hands (which her assistant how carries in a garment bag) Her offer to provide her opinion on Vikki’s dress declined, Phyllis hands over the key card for room 600, then blocks Sally from following.

Back at CL’s, Jack encourages Adam to attend the wedding. Naw – he’ll stay here and take care of Connor.