Monday, September 27th, 2021

If Moses helps Faith, they’ll get the homework done in half the time. It wouldn’t actually be cheating since he’ll just be typing out notes she’s already taken.

When Phyllis threatens to throw Sally out of her hotel, Sally threatens to record it. Chloe arrives to announce that they want to do a fashion shoot there. It’ll be win-win. Phyllis loves the idea – fire ‘her’ and I’ll do it, she walks away.

As her assistant takes notes, Lauren suggests alterations to the dress that isn’t as ‘spectacular’ as she expected. Asking the assistant to excuse them, Lauren suspects something besides the dress is bothering Vikki. Everything’s fine, the bride lies.

Chloe scolds Sally for ruining her photoshoot pitch by attacking Phyllis. Informing that Vikki’s upstairs trying her dress on, Sally hasn’t given up on designing a masterpiece. Chloe doesn’t think she stands a chance.

Back on the patio, Faith reads while Moses types out the essays. Next is math and biology. We did it! Are you ready for our date now? No, Faith must go home and get ready. Moses will pick her up in an hour.

Amanda comes down from unpacking to do one of her favourite things – hang out with Devon.

What are you doing here? Vikki scowls when Adam drops by the office. She invited him to the wedding because Dad wants him there. He’s accepted her marrying Ashland and her new portrait (which Adam turns to admire) Ashland has a certain respect for the way you’re running Newman Media, she adds; even managing to chuckle at his humour.

Waiting outside, Adams’ office, Chloe admires the dress design on Sally’s tablet – but save it for another bride. Sally designed it for Vikki and Vikki alone. Between you and Chelsea we could do a whole fashion line. World domination? Adam appears to ask what they’re planning. Sally’s off to meet a fashion editor. Is Adam going to Vikki’s wedding? Yes, but he isn’t looking for a date. You have my number, Sally sashays out.

Amanda and Devon discuss his connection to Dominic and her connection to Imani. And now, to do something ‘decadent’ with their afternoon.

Devon wants to show Amanda all the bells and whistles the penthouse has to offer. Amanda has a better idea. The lovebirds sprint upstairs.

Adam fills out his RSVP; checking off that he’s bringing a guest.

At Society, Sally makes a call. How long to make a wedding dress? That fast? I’m sending the design right now.

Now home, Jack’s on the phone. The passengers on the flight to Milan will be himself and Phyllis Summers.

Phyllis can’t believe Nick would send her call to voicemail – call me. She immediately receives a text. Nick doesn’t like what he found out and will fill her in when he sees her.

Ashland sends Vikki a text. He may have to cancel dinner. Something’s come up – will explain later. Vikki looks troubled.