Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

At ChanceCom, Billy’s on the phone demanding his investigator find out where Gaines went – do whatever you need to do – figure it out ~click~ Jack comes in to wonder what’s got Billy so agitated. He’s investigating Ashland. Jack got the impression (from Phyllis) that Nick’s on a similar mission.

Nick calls Phyllis to say that he’s stuck in Atlanta – the jet’s experiencing mechanical issues. His investigation lead him down a rabbit hole which he’ll discuss when he sees her. Unconcerned when hearing that Traci won’t be flying to Milan with her and Jack, his focus is on getting answers from Ashland before he marries his sister.

At the office, Nikki notes that Vikki’s ‘keyed up’. There’s so much left to do – and Vikki isn’t thrilled with her wedding dress. Everything will be perfect, Nikki’s sure. When did you last speak to Ashland? He canceled dinner plans because something came up, Vikki replies.

Seated with his banker at Society, Ashland’s circumstances have changed; he no longer needs the money. Wishing him the best of luck, the banker leaves Ashland to call Vikki – his meeting is over and he’d love to spend the rest of the day with her. She can’t wait to see him and hear all about his business meeting.

At Society to meet Elena, Nate joins Ashland to observe that he looks tired. Ashland’s had a stressful few days but that’s behind him – he can now focus on the woman he loves.

Vikki tells her Mother that Ashland’s lawyer, Jesse Gaines, is the son of the lawyer who represented Camilla Rhodes. What’s he doing in town now? And why hasn’t Ashland mentioned him? Hmmm – Nikki walked in on Victor and Ashland talking quietly – conspiratorially. Vikki wishes she wasn’t having such doubts. It’s Billy’s fault – he planted thoughts in her mind that she can’t shake.

Back at ChanceCom, Jack doesn’t see why Billy and Nick are so sure that Ashland’s pulling off some diabolical scheme. Billy adds that Ashland supposedly escaped an abusive childhood. Victor and Nick are suspicious too. Ashland won’t even tell anyone his real name. Billy’s protecting Vikki and his kids. We don’t even know if he’s really sick. Ashland’s undergoing chemo and made a gutwrenching decision to let Harrison stay with Kyle, Jack doesn’t feel that Billy’s protecting his kids – this is about you trying to stop Vikki from moving on.

Forcing a smile, Vikki joins Nate and Ashland at Society. When Elena arrives, Ashland insists on they dine together. Wonderful, Vikki fails to conceal her disappointment.

Billy exclaims that he’s very happy with Lily. Jack worries that his brother will sabotage himself. Billy must protect Vikki and the kids. She’s capable of looking after her own life, Jack knows. Nick took an unscheduled trip to the east coast. Phyllis implied that he’s investigating. No, Billy’s not surprised. Both of us want to solve the riddle and protect the people we love. I can want what’s best for my ex without having an ulterior motive.

Traci opens the front door so Phyllis can wheel her luggage in. Nick’s jet is having mechanical issues so he might have to take a commercial flight to Italy – but he won’t miss his daughter’s wedding. It’ll just be you and Jack flying to Italy? Traci will pour her some wine – we’ll have a little talk.

Jack’s delighted to come home to find Traci and Phyllis joking and laughing. Phyllis has poured her heart and soul into that hotel, Jack praises. Traci gushes that Phyllis IS the phoenix who’s risen from the ashes. Phyllis then relays Nick’s mechanical issues to Jack – we may have to fly to Milan without him. Jack will delay the flight until they hear Nick’s status. So nice to catch up with you, Traci leaves Jack to assure Phyllis that he didn’t tell her (or anyone) about his confession. He’ll refill Phyllis’ wine glass but will steer clear of alcohol (so he doesn’t pour his heart out again)