Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

Dinner over, Nate and Elena thank Ashland and Vikki for a fun evening – see you in Italy. Now alone, Ashland asks Vikki if something’s wrong. She feels he’s keeping something from her – is it about Jessa Gaines and the woman who mentored you? Or Nick flying to New Jersey? Not here, Ashland says. Let’s go back to the office. Vikki marches out.

Billy makes a call – any news on Jesse Gaines. He admitted that he has info in Ashland’s past, agreed on a price to talk, then he disappears? I need answers soon. Nikki appears to warn Billy that he’s defying Victor at his own risk. And you should worry just as much about defying me.

On the patio, Elena and Nate discuss Vikki’s mood. Nate worries that they’re going into the marriage too quickly. He’s not as well as he claims to be. That would explain why Vikki’s ‘off’.

In the office, Vikki knows that Jesse Gaines lost his license due to malfeasance. You promised you wouldn’t keep any more secrets. Please, stop the vague reassurances and tell me the truth.

Billy’s putting the pieces together. So, you have no proof of anything but want to derail this wedding to feed your own ego. Vikki’s not blindly accepting Ashland’s story – she doesn’t even know his real name. Know this – Vikki’s going to marry Ashland – you will back the hell off and don’t show your face at the wedding. You’re no longer welcome.

Jack still knows his way around a grilled cheese. This time tomorrow we’ll be in Milan watching our kids become man and wife. Summer’s my little miracle – remember how many doctors said it wouldn’t happen again after Daniel. Flashback to Jack delivering Summer in the elevator. Thank you – you gave me a miracle. Jack felt the same way about Kyle – an unexpected surprise. Phyllis is happy that they can reminisce like this. Jack remembers Phyllis coming down those stairs twenty years ago. Flashback to them getting ready to become man and wife. You literally took my breath away, Jack praises.

Nate’s worried about Ashland. Both he and Elena wanted to be alone this evening. You’re incredibly sweet and thoughtful. But no, Elena doesn’t want to catch up on some rest. If you leave now I’ll never forgive you. She takes his hand and leads him upstairs.

Opps. Jack catches himself – I’m about to be a fool again -dangling my heart on my sleeve. Phyllis loves spending time with Jack. After they toast to ‘happiness’, Nick calls. Hey babe! Phyllis answers. Nick just got back to GC. Nick’s back – he’ll meet up with the two of them. What will he do? Nick needs to get things out in the open.

In the office, Vikki wonders why Nick went to Jersey – and why is Jesse Gaines in GC? She wants answers from the man she’s about to marry. Ashland gets a text from Nick. I need to see you – now. Relaying the message, Ashland doesn’t know what it’s about – but we’ll soon find out. We, Vikki repeats.

Phyllis is relieved that Nick will be flying to Milan with them. Jack has to ask why he went away and cut it so close. It’s about Ashland Locke, he guesses. Billy’s convinced he’s keeping a secret big enough that it might make Vikki reconsider marrying him. Nick is suspicious too. Nick has something, Phyllis confides. Let’s talk about the other wedding – our kids. Phyllis thanks Jack for postponing the flight so Nick could join them. Jack’s glad they can all fly to Italy together (but doesn’t look so)

Still at ChanceCom, Billy leaves a message for Nick. Please tell me you found the answers we both want.

Nick’s surprised when Vikki comes with Ashland (to CL’s) Whatever you have to say can be said in front of her, Ashland declares. Vikki expresses her displeasure with Nick going against her wishes. So, let’s hear it – what is this all about? Dun dun dun dunnnnn.