Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

Ashland insists that Vikki be allowed to hear whatever it is Nick’s summoned him over to hear. You sure you want Vikki here for this? Nick wants to talk about a 40-year-old car crash that killed a guy called Bobby DeFranco.

At home, Abby rocks Dominic to sleep; reassuring him that the nanny will take good care of him until she comes back.

In their suite, Tessa serves Mariah dinner under a silver dome. You take such good care of me, Mariah smiles. A knock at the door brings Sharon. Did I come at a bad time?

At the penthouse, Devon and Amanda are puzzled when Moses runs in and heads upstairs. What’s going on? they ask Faith when she arrives seconds later. She’s not sure but it seems their date has gotten off to a rocky start.

Clearly, that name means something to you, Nick observes. Bobby DeFranco is a name Ashland hoped never to hear again. That dead man is me.

You’re Bobby DeFranco?! I was before I became Ashland Locke. He was born Robert DeFranco; ran away from an abusive Father/enabling Mother in his teens. A friend gave him courage; his name was Ashland Locke. We were kindred spirits. At 16 we got matching tattoos. My Dad saw it and beat me real good. Ashland saw me that day and said we’ve gotta get out of here. We got odd jobs up the Jersey coast. One day, they were in an arcade. DeFranco’s Dad came looking for his son; caused a commotion. Ashland threw me under a pinball machine and said I was in Philadelphia with a girl. We bonded, became inseparable. The night before Ashland’s interview to intern for Camilla Rhodes, he lost control of the car we were in. Ashland wasn’t able to save his friend. I picked up his wallet, threw mine down and left before the car exploded. When the police came, Ashland ran into the woods. I become Ashland Locke.

Sharon thought Mariah could use a home-cooked meal. After Tessa excuses herself to run an errand, Sharon tells Mariah that she’s given her as much space as she can. Now, she wants answers – how are you really feeling?

Moses forgot something, Faith doesn’t know what. He comes back down with his wallet – he didn’t want to end their big date washing dishes. So, we’re going to dinner, Faith guesses. Have fun, Amanda says as the kids leave.

Ashland broke into an abandoned beach house; stole papers to keep up on the news. Your friend’s body was badly burned, Nick adds – the police assumed Bobby DeFranco was driving the car. My Father made a positive ID from the tattoo on my calf, Ashland reminds that DNA was limited in those days. He took the opportunity to escape; went to the job interview with Camilla Rhodes – the rest is history. Nick’s still suspicious, while Ashland feels guilty for not being able to save the friend who saved him (from his Dad)

At Society, Tessa tells Abby that Sharon’s visiting Mariah. Abby misses having them at the house – come visit. Tessa reports that Mariah’s almost back to her old self so should be able to handle a visit soon.

Mariah tells her Mom that she’s feeling stronger since moving out of the Chancellor estate. Being around Dominic was harder than she expected. She feels a strong bond towards ‘Bowie’ but will be OK eventually. Sharon suggests she move in with her, Faith and Rey. No, Mariah needs space. OK, but what comes next??

Ashland wonders how much of that story Nick already knew. He didn’t have all the pieces but tracked down a reporter in Tom’s River who covered the crash. There was a witness; a driver saw a kid run into the woods (but the witness was unreliable because he’d been drinking) Ashland knows he should have told Vikki – you deserved that. He hopes she can accept the truth. How could you do this? Vikki looks at Nick.