Monday, October 4th, 2021

Still At Society, Adam calls his Dad to warn that Billy might interfere in Vikki’s wedding to Ashland. Victor wants Adam to do something for his sister- stop BillyBoy.

On his phone, Billy’s sure Camilla Rhodes mentioned Ashland in her will. You’ve got to be kidding. Ashland Locke, you son of a bitch.

You want to wean the baby off breastmilk while I’m gone? Mariah blurts out. Abby hopes that’s OK – Mariah’s opinion is always welcome. Devon and Abby are left puzzled when Mariah hurries out.

Tessa tells Sharon that she thinks it’s a good sign that Mariah agreed to table the baby talk until after Italy.

At Society, Chloe’s unable to talk Sally out of going to Tuscany with her dress. Yes, the publicity would be incredible. I admire your determination – good luck. After Chloe excuses herself to take a call, Sally approaches Adam to ask for a ride to Italy.

Ashland doesn’t want to push Vikki into something that doesn’t feel right in her heart. She knows he’s used to getting whatever he wants (as has she) I still love you, she adds that she was lied to by her Father and Billy. Ashland wants to set things right; to make this work. I NEED this to work. There will be no more lies. But first, there’s one more thing Ashland needs to tell Vikki.

You want to fly halfway around the world to spring this dress on my picky, stubborn and highly-opinionated sister? Adam’s astonished. Sally’s all of those things too – and good at what she does. OK, but Adam wants to keep things strictly professional. Admit it, you know I can be entertaining, Sally seals the deal.

When Dominic starts fussing, Devon and Abby call the pediatrician again. He slept through the night but isn’t taking much of his bottle. Hanging up, Abby reports that it’s nothing urgent. This baby thing is a constant learning curve, she and Devon agree.

In their suite, Mariah flashes back over her and Tessa debating having a baby of their own. Tessa comes home to wonder why Mariah didn’t tell her she was going to Abby’s. It was spur of the moment – but relaying Dominic’s mild health issues, Mariah can’t possibly leave the country for a wedding. Abby will take good care of him, Tessa’s sure. Mariah can’t just stop caring.

Mariah loves Bowie and implies that she’d be able to let him go if only Tessa would agree to having another baby. Tessa denies ‘shutting down the idea’ – she just wants to talk about it a bit more. We agreed to table it until after the trip, she reminds. Mariah’s not going to Italy – she needs to be here in case Bowie needs anything.

Ashland told Vikki how he took over his friend’s identity after he died in the crash. He’ll tell Vikki how he made his fortune – after we eat. You’ll need a glass of wine, maybe two.

Still At Society, Adam needs Victor’s PI to find out about ChanceCom’s investigation into Jesse Gaines – we need to stay one step ahead of Billy Abbott.

Billy asks his investigative reporter what she’s got. No records, she admits upon arrival at ChanceCom. Could Ashland have made them disappear? Billy wonders. The reporter does have good news – we got a bead on Gaines. Good – Billy suspects he knows all there is to know on Ashland Locke.